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William Leonard Dodson arrested after taping dog’s mouth with duct tape: may lose tongue

William Leonard Dodson
What motivated William Leonard Dodson to abuse one stray dog in the community?

William Leonard Dodson has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after taping a puppy’s snout shut with duct tape.

Images of the man’s handy work first went viral on May 27, which at the time featured the dog’s snout so tightly bounded that vets fear that part of the dog’s tongue may be forever lost.

Picked up in North Charleston on Monday according to a report via Fox Carolina, the 41 year old man was charged with ill treatment of animals, five days after the dog, Caitlyn, a Chocolate Staffie Mix was found in critical condition.

Held in custody pending a bond hearing, cops have declined to release a motive for the alleged crime.

The case of 15 month old Caitlyn, a stray came to national attention last week when the dog was left at a resident’s doorstep with electrical tape wrapped around her muzzle.

The person who found Caitlyn, the dog’s original owner who had earlier that month sold the dog for a mere $10 took her to the Charleston Animal Society.

It is believed the owner had sold the dog to Dodson after dire economic circumstances and concerns that they would be evicted given the ‘rambunctious nature of the dog.’

In a statement, Dr. Lucy Fuller, the Senior Director of Veterinary Care at the Animal Society had told at the time: ‘Caitlyn is in a lot of pain, her condition is critical, and her prognosis is guarded.

‘A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. 

‘She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications.’

William Leonard Dodson

William Leonard Dodson

According to Animal Society officials, the tape may have been wrapped for between 36 and 48 hours.

Officials said Caitlyn’s tongue had no blood flow since it became stuck between her teeth due to the tight tape wrapping. 

Over the weekend the Animal Society released an update saying Caitlyn is doing much better.

She has been receiving hyperbaric and cold laser treatment to save damaged tissue in her mouth.

Officials at the center said she is responding well and showing signs of progress. 

Toby’s Fund is covering Caitlyn’s medical expenses, the Post-Courier reported.  

If you are interested in donating to Toby’s Fund, click here.

William Leonard Dodson

William Leonard Dodson

William Leonard Dodson

William Leonard Dodson



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