Home Scandal and Gossip Rebecca Ann Landry: Auctioned off storage unit contained mother’s dead baby.

Rebecca Ann Landry: Auctioned off storage unit contained mother’s dead baby.

Rebecca Ann Landry
How did one dead baby come to be left in a storage bin?

Rebecca Ann Landry a 57 year old Louisiana woman has been arrested after a man came to find the remains of dead baby inside a storage unit he recently won at an auction.

Authorities would determine that the child died some 14 years ago after linking the unit back to the woman who has since been charged with 2nd degree murder in connection to the 2001 death of the baby.

The child’s remains would be discovered in an auctioned bin at Bridge Storage in the 2100 block of Verot School Road after its owner had failed to pay an outstanding sum after 52 days, which led to the outlet auctioning off its entire contents.

According to a report via the advocate, the woman conceded giving birth the child in her apartment, but that the child according to Landry only lived for a few days after ceasing to breathe.

How the child came to cease breathing isn’t necessarily understood.

From there the mother acknowledges having held on to the child for a ‘period of time’ in a box before moving the body to a storage bin in 2002 where the dead child remained hidden.

Why authorities were never notified has yet to be understood.

Landry who has borne other children claims that no one else was aware that she gave birth and she was the only one who moved the body.

Noted Officer Nicole Benoit of the Lafayette Police Department: ‘All indications are she is the mother,’

Authorities are now awaiting DNA results to confirm that the deceased child is indeed that of Rebecca Ann Landry’s as well as how the child came to die.

At present it is not necessarily understood why Landry had declined to keep regular upkeep payment on the storage bin. Whether it was an oversight on her part, a lack of funds or a subconscious desire to be found out?