Home Scandal and Gossip Wealthy Indian couple estranged from their families to leave monkey inheritance

Wealthy Indian couple estranged from their families to leave monkey inheritance

Wealthy Indian couple leave monkey inheritance
Brajesh Srivastava and his wife Shabista. Incredibly generous or incredibly foolish…?

A wealthy Indian couple with no children and estranged from their families have pledged to to leave their pet monkey, Chunmun their entire assets upon their death.

The announcement courtesy of Brajesh Srivastava and his wife Shabista has since caused eyebrows to be raised after the couple bequeathed Chunmun, who they regard as a son their money and house in the event their pet monkey outlives them.

If the couple do pass away before their pet monkey, as sole beneficiary, Chunmun stands to inherit the couple’s house valued circa $112K, a 200 yard plot of land as well as the couple’s bank account.

In making their decision the couple told since buying the monkey in 2004 for 500 rupees, ($8 USD), Chunmun, at the time newly orphaned, has brought them fortune and stopped them feeling lonely.

Offered Brajesh Srivastava: ‘People might say we are mad, they might even ridicule us. But we know how valuable Chunmun is to us.

‘We are childless and Chunmun is a son to me. We want to ensure that even when we are not alive, Chunmun’s life is not affected and he continues to live the way he does.’

Wealthy Indian couple leave monkey inheritance

In telling of their story, the couple who hail from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh reveal how they were cast out after marrying against their family’s wishes, turning to the monkey for solace.

At the time the couple had little money, insisting their new prosperity is the result of having acquired their pet monkey.

Since then, the groom has become a successful lawyer whilst the bride now owns several flourishing businesses including a cable TV network and a flour mill, all named after Chunmun.

While some may wonder that Chunmun might have to wait a while before he gets to live the high life, the couple tell that their ten-year-old monkey lives in an air-conditioned room in the couple’s house, where he is offered pomegranates and a glass of milk every morning for breakfast.

At lunchtime, Chunmun and his female simian wife, Bitti gorge on lentils, bread, vegetables and homemade chutney.  

Shabista also treats them to Chinese food and mango juice.

After Chunmun’s death, the money will go towards the welfare of other monkeys in India, where the animals are frequently abused.