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Marina Krim haunted by Yoselyn Ortega’s sister. Are her demands reasonable?

Marina Krim
Are one mother’s demands onerous and failing to recognize the reality of a situation two years after the tragic murdering of her two toddler children?

The nypost has come out with a feature describing the newly exulted anguish of well to do mother Marina Krim‘s over having to greet the visage of Yoselyn Ortega‘s sister, Celia Ortega who is charged with picking up the child of her client as luck would have it at the same school her surviving child of the Krim 2012 murders also attends.

The shocking revelation has the mother told in an email note passed along to friends and now in the possession of the nypost told of Marina Krim’s mortification of having to meet the ‘glare’ of her purported look alike killer’s sister, Celia.

Reports the nypost: Marina Krim found out the week before school started that the family that employs Celia Ortega lived near them once again.

“Can you imagine my anxiety as I am walking out of school with Nessie and on a daily basis wondering if I am going to run into this woman?’’ a distraught Marina wrote in an email to friends.

“She introduced us to the defendant who murdered our kids and Nessie’s sister and brother,’’ wrote Marina — who is still unable to utter or even type Yoselyn Ortega’s name — in the email, a copy of which was seen by The Post.

“Making it all worse, we now find out she lied about the defendant’s background to improve the chances of us hiring the defendant,” Marina alleges in the email, noting Celia Ortega is the one who recommended Yoselyn to her.

“Now, Marina is reliving her nightmare every day,’’ a close friend said about school pickup time.

Marina Krim
Alleged killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega pictured with Krim children. Nessie (left) and Lucia (right). Lucia was found dead, having been stabbed between 20 and 30 times. Her brother Leo was also found dead.

The issue of the Krim’s accused killer’s sister being a caretaker of the daughter of Henley Vazquez has so distraught the mother that she has demanded that the Vazquez’s caretaker now be made to arrive 15 minutes later after school closing so Marina Krim can be spared the ignominy of having to greet the visage of her purported killer’s family.

Nevertheless the request has led to divided opinion as to whether the well to do mother is necessarily being fair in her demands and one wonders why she has stirred the pot again by brining further attention to a harrowing episode in the family’s life.

Some commentators have since questioned the sanity of the Vasquez family, wondering if they too don’t fear similar consequences befalling their family by choosing to employ a purported killer’s sister and whether the genes of a ‘madwoman’ can be passed on to other family members?

Granted Marina Krim deserves our compassion and sympathy for the horrendous ordeal her and her family have been put through yet one does wonder if the nypost and the Krims are going too far in asking others who had nothing to do with an individual’s decision to cause havoc to make allowances for her tethered frame of mind?

Marina Krim
Marina Krim (seen holding the other victim, Leo) found the children dead when she returned home.

Below are a sampling of comments on the web that made me wonder:

While I’m saddened by their loss. They are wrong on this. They are blaming the innocent woman for her sisters actions. They should not have to power or the right to try to control another person or another family. If they are finding it to hard to stay there then they can only control their lives to change it.

Whilst I feel bad for ms Krim , Ms Ortega is not responsible for her sister’s actions. Nor is her employer. They reached a pseudo compromise. The woman wears a disguise picks up at a separate time etc etc. you want the family to fire her to appease you Nine if this will bring back your babies. It hurts but time will heal your heart

I can understand the reasoning for the mothers plight, but the twin sister was not convicted of murder and she can not help that she is the spitting image of her sister. Does she not deserve to live and work because of her sisters crime? It is such a horrible story, I feel horrible for the family, but the twin didn’t do it!

While these parents have my sympathy for what happened, the sister did not commit the crime, and she and her employers have the right to go about their lives as they see fit….they have no obligation to broker any “deals” to restrict their movements, what time they pick up their children or who picks them up.



  1. I absolutely believe the Krim’s should NOT have to fear running into the sister of the killer on a daily basis at the school. They moved to a new neighborhood for a fresh start and they absolutely deserve that while they continue to endure a tragedy that no one can possibly fathom unless they’ve been there. Having the school request Henley and Xabi Vasquez’s nanny, Celia Ortiz, pick up their child 15 minutes after Marina, is entirely justified. Celia vouched for her sister in order to get her a position with the Krim’s despite knowing about her mental health history. This, coupled with the fact that she looks identical to the monstrous woman who took 2 innocent children from this world makes me incredibly sad for the Krim family. They cannot escape the pain of their loss, even while doing something that should be a joyful event of picking up their surviving daughter from her school.

  2. You cant be serious ? What kind of person would do that ? The sister is a disgrace and shows she lacks compassion when she would go anywhere near the Krims. I’m sorry but its just wrong. And if I was the family that are employing her Id be worried as any caring decent person would think oh this is wrong and would not want to upset or hurt the Krims in any way but she’s not giving a care in the world or even thinking just Marina seeing her may bring it all back. And all you people saying you cant blame the sister …. come on get a grip. Its wrong on so many levels. No one is blaming the sister but it worries me that she herself feels no shame or guilt over her actions. NY is a big place why don’t the other family have a heart and go somewhere else. So sad. Sorry Marina & Kevin that’s these people are so selfish.

  3. I agree. If not out of compassion and respect for mrs Krim and her attempts to heal, let’s put their surviving daughter in the forefront of this concern. She, too, witnessed the event, she knows this nanny sister, she potentially could see and be reminded on a DAILY basis. How horrible is that to subject this child to? It sounds completely inconsiderate and borderline cruel for this other family to be doing this. And from another article I saw, this sister nanny concealed/lied about some matters concerning her sister so her “innocence” is questionable in my book. Bless the Krims in their healing process, I have no idea how one would even start.

  4. NYC is a HUGE place. I think the family who hired this relative of the (alleged) killer should get another nanny. The (alleged) killer’s sister can find a job somewhere else – and far away from this traumatized family. We are talking about the murder of 2 children! It doesn’t get worse than that! It is still in the trial phase! The poor Krim family – prayers to them to keep strong.

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