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Why did Sonya Spoon suffocate her toddler children with plastic bags?

Sonya Spoon.
Why did one mother suffocate her children to death?

Sonya Katrina Spoon a 24 year old Maryland mother has confessed to suffocating her three year old daughter and one year old son to death with plastic bags during a custody battle with the children’s fathers.

Since her admission the mother has been held without bond on two counts of first degree murder of three year old Kayla Thompson and one year old Ayden Spoon.

Paramedics were first summonsed to the mother’s home in Prince George’s County to treat two unconscious children at around 2am on Sunday.

The pair were both taken to the Children’s Hospital in Washington, where they died a few hours later.

Police say Sonya Spoon waved her Miranda rights today and gave a very detailed statement of what occurred when she suffocated them.

Today there were reports that the mother of two had been taken in for an emergency psychiatric evaluation last week, authorities are still trying to establish a motive.

 Sonya Spoon
Sonya Spoon and her two children.

According to WTOP, court records show Spoon was involved in a lengthy custody battle with Lester Thompson, the father of her eldest child.

Records filed in Calvert County show Spoon demanded a paternity test in February which showed he was the biological father.

Court records also show Spoon refused to sign a custody agreement in May and then was then granted primary custody.

Thompson was ordered to child support and was told he could spend time with his daughter for a handful of days each month.

Wrote Lester Thompson on Facebook: ‘Going to pick up my daughter today and I am so happy to spend some time with her.’

According to her Twitter profile, Spoon was adopted from Russia and brought to the United States when she was three-years-old.

She posted several photos of her children on the social networking site who she called ‘my world.’

Her last post on August 20 was a photo of her with Kayla which she titled ‘My love.’ 

 Sonya Spoon

The UK’s dailymail reports neighbors in Chesapeake Beach said that Sonya Spoon had moved in with her parents recently and they said they have seen young children around the house. The Washington Post reported that the Spoon’s parents, Gary and Paivi Spoon had lived in the house for more than two decades. At the time of the children’s deaths the parents were not home.

Offered one neighbor: ‘The grandparents were very nice people,’

‘(Paivi Spoon) was very loving with the kids. She would take them walking up and down the boardwalk.’

Told another neighbor: ‘My two oldest woke me up when they noticed all the flashing lights from the police cars and ambulances that were out here,

‘They kind of made a big commotion because they saw one of the children being brought out.’

Told another neighbor, Angela Pryor: ‘You feel so safe living right across from the police,’

‘This seems very strange for this neighborhood.’ 

Detective Bernard Jones would tell that the murders were an isolated incident and there was ‘no need for the community to be afraid.’ He would also stress that the murders were not a randomly taken decision.

Offered Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III in a statement last night: ‘We are all saddened by this tragic event. The loss of two children that were so young tugs at our hearts. As the police investigate this horrible case, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and the people of the Cheverly community as they try to reconcile how and why this happened.’

Sonya Spoon will remain in police custody pending trial.

 Sonya Spoon

 Sonya Spoon