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Maria Fernandes dies napping whilst working four part-time jobs

Maria Fernandes
Making it in America just might kill you…

Maria Fernandes, a 32-year-old NJ woman has been found dead inside her SUV at a convenience store parking lot, napping, trying to get some extra sleep between shifts at her four part-time jobs.

Police say the woman who worked at two local Dunkin Donut locations, left her car running while she napped Monday morning, dying after inhaling carbon monoxide and fumes from a spilled gas can.

Authorities told Fernandes had kept the gasoline container in the car because she sometimes ran out of fuel while commuting between jobs. Fernandes would often nap in the car for a few hours before her next shift started.

It wouldn’t be until 8 hours after she had passed away, that Maria Fernandes’ body would be discovered by workers at the Wawa convenience store where she had parked. It would be revealed that Fernandes had made plans to lend her SUV to a friend that day.

News12 would report that Fernandes had planned on taking time off on Friday to celebrate the birthday of pop star Michael Jackson.

Offered Elizabeth police Lt. Daniel Saulnier: ‘This sounds like someone who tried desperately to work and make ends meet, and met with a tragic accident,’

Reiterated Carl Van Horn, director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University in New Brunswick: ‘These are are folks who would like to work full-time but they can’t find the jobs,’

‘They wind up in these circumstances in which they are exhausted. More commonly it creates just an enormous amount of stress.’

And the American dream continues…

Maria Fernandes

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    Yep/…oh wait…Poverty has gone up under Odumbo.

    Obama so loved the poor, he created millions more.

    Keep living on that Democrat Welfare plantation.

    Assistance is suppose to be a safety net, not a way of life.

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    Because under Bush there was no poverty and nothing but happy times… oh wait…


    The Obama nation..Hope and Change