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Mark Alvin Manliclic murders his daughter and posts video on Facebook

Mark Alvin Manliclic
Video still of Mark Alvin Manliclic’s murdered daughter

Filipino man, Mark Alvin Manliclic, 31 faces charges of parricide after murdering his 7 year old daughter, Angel Manliclic. Murdered her because he was incensed at his estranged wife. Not content just to have murdered his own daughter he then posted photos and a video on Facebook purportedly to provoke her.

Ironically three days before the girl’s murder, Angel Manliclic prevented her father—from committing suicide.

The murder is believed to come as a result of rage the man felt towards his wife who had moved away and stopped communicating with him. Days prior to killing their daughter, the father had gotten into a fight with his wife over the phone.

Incensed, Mark Alvin Manliclic allegedly took to Facebook to show his estranged wife the proof of his vitroil: the savage murder of their daughter.

dailydot: Quezon City police allege that Manliclic posted a brutal photo of the victim to Facebook in order to get his wife’s attention—along with, some Facebook readers claimed, a horrifying video of the murder itself.

According to authorities, Manliclic, who was jobless, came to feel increasingly enraged at his wife’s refusal to return to the Philippines after going to Canada to work. News site ABS-CBN News reported that Manliclic’s wife had left the country last May, and that she had not disclosed her plans to her husband for fear of her own life.

Mark Alvin Manliclic
Mark Alvin Manliclic – screen grab

Filipino news site Tempo reported that the father had previously threatened to kill his daughter if his wife did not return. After Manliclic confessed to the murder to his aunt, police found the body of the girl lying face down inside the house, where she had been killed as a result of multiple stab wounds in the neck, abdomen, and back.

When asked why he killed his daughter, Manliclic claims he does not recall the act itself, only the sight of blood oozing from his daughter’s neck.

Police speculated that Manliclic might have been drunk at the time of the murder.

Since the murder and the posting of images on Facebook, Filipino Netizens have created a Facebook protest calling for the maximum penalty for Manliclic.

Mark Alvin Manliclic
Mark Alvin Manliclic estranged wife and daugher
Mark Alvin Manliclic
Angel Manliclic