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Freelee the Banana girl swears by mono meals. Eats potatoes in one go.

Freelee the Banana girl mono meals
Freelee the Banana girl swears by mono meals, but does the diet really work?

Freelee the Banana girl is causing havoc amongst dieters once again after telling that she subscribes to the notion of mono meals, which involves the massive consumption of a single ingredient.

In telling how she went form 11st 2lbs (156 pounds) to 8st (112lbs) , the 34 year old self described diet guru insists the secret to staying svelte comes down to her reliance on a high carbohydrate, low fat, raw and vegan diet.

Diet Guru, Freelee the Banana girl explains how 51 bananas a day makes her lean

One such diet includes the consumption of 51 bananas during the course of the day, whilst another diet which has caught flack is the solitary consumption of potatoes, in Freelee’s case, 5 pounds worth in a single sitting.

Other variations of the mono meal includes the consumption of huge amount of a single fruit, such as two entire pineapples, five mangoes, two litres of orange juice, 1.4kg of apricots, or 20 bananas.

Nevertheless despite Freelee’s admittedly impressive lean physique, dietitians have told mono meals are not mono meals are not conducive to health or weight loss.

Told Freelee to the UK’s dailymail in a recent feature: ‘When you eat simply (like one type of fruit only at a time) vitamin and mineral absorption is maximised therefore more nutrition becomes available to the brain which in turn satisfies the body’s nutritional requirements and stops cravings for junk foods. 

‘I would say 90 per cent of my meals are mono meals.

‘Eating one type of fruit/plant food only for a meal is very healthy because it simplifies and optimises digestion.’

‘Most of the body’s energy goes towards digesting food so when we eat meals that contain several different foods the body has to work harder not only to process the complicated combination but to extract the nutrition it needs. 

‘The freed up energy from eating mono meals can then instead go towards healing/cleaning/detoxing the rest of the body and organs, eliminating excess weight and that’s why many people report glowing skin and high energy levels eating mono meals.

‘Another advantage is just one type of digestive enzyme is needed to process the meal. If you look to nature you will see that animals in the wild always eat mono meals and do not suffer the same digestive problems or weighty issues as we humans commonly do. Antacids are one of the most commonly purchased over the counter medication for a reason!’

Freelee the Banana girl mono meals

Reiterates Freelee who these days makes her living advocating her diet to her followers:

‘When you switch to a high-carb, plant-based lifestyle one of the benefits is that you get to eat big! For me this is a treat because I love to eat abundantly and I get to stay slim and healthy. The reason you get to eat larger volume meals on this lifestyle is because plant foods are high in fibre and water but are low in calories.

‘Animal products have no fibre and are low in water and high in fat and calories so less volume is needed therefore you don’t get to eat as much. It’s normal for me to eat a fruit mono meal of 8-10 mangoes or 10-15 bananas (I weigh 8st) in one sitting, someone bigger would of course need more. 

‘When you eat a large mono meal of plants foods you will leave the table feeling satisfied and not craving fat-gaining junk food because your cells and brain have received the clean source of nutrition/carbohydrates that they require for optimal function.’

Nevertheless many have yet to make up their mind whether the compulsive diet may work for them, especially considering that Freelee’s regiment may have more to do with her past where she suffered from both anorexia and bulimia, which is to say Freelee may no longer be binge eating, but she is compulsive obsessive eating nevertheless, which may not necessarily the most advisable way of keeping in shape for most of us.

Freelee the Banana girl mono meals

Yet to her credit the diet guru does make some astute observations:

‘Calories are NOT created equally.  My calorie intake hasn’t changed much since I was 73kgs (11st 4lb) but the source of my calories has and that’s what enabled me to drop over 20 kgs (3st 1lb).

‘Take twins for instance, put one on a daily diet of 3000 calories from McDonalds/junk food and put the other one on 3000 calories from clean fruits and vegetables. All other variables stay the same. Do you think they will be the same slimness? No way! 

‘The fruit and veg eater will always be slimmer and of course healthier. Insulin levels need to be taken into account as well. This diet keeps insulin levels very low and that’s why all long term RT4er’s are very slim regardless of fitness levels.’

For good measure Freelee also reckons contrary to what many might think, she doesn’t feel overly full after her mono meals, yet one is intrigued to wonder if she’s just as hooked as ever on obsessive compulsive behavior, even if this time it’s raw vegetables as opposed to Big Macs…

Freelee the Banana girl mono meals


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