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Anchor Liz Wahl resigns on air to protest Russian incursion of Ukraine.

Anchor Liz Wahl resigns
Why did this Russia Today anchor abruptly resign today?

American anchor, Liz Wahl this afternoon abruptly resigned during a live telecast at state funded media outlet Russia Today in protest to Russia’s latest incursion of Ukraine.

The anchor who worked at RT’s Washington DC bureau told that her resignation was as a result of her been unable to work for an outlet that ‘whitewashes the action of Putin.’

Added Liz Wahl: ‘I’m proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth. And that is why, after this broadcast, I am resigning.’

To date, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has justified the incursion into Crimea as a way of protecting ethnic-Russians in the region who he says are threatened by ‘ultra-nationalistic forces’ during Ukraine’s recent civil unrest.

Wahl cited fellow RT anchor Abby Martin,who publicly criticized Russia’s ‘military occupation’ of the Ukranian peninsula of Crimea, as well as her own grandparents, who immigrated to America during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, as inspirations for resigning.

In an interview the the Daily Beast, Wahl said that the Kremlin’s influence over RT wasn’t overt but ‘in order to succeed there you don’t question.’

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder:

And the American TV does not whitewashes the actions from this evil American government?!

Don’t be so sure about that, they are still growing fast… They have become the defacto voice of the anti West crowd. From South America dictators to the Ayatollahs there marketshare is getting larger and larger.

The more they bs and espouse conspiracy and anti West rhetoric the more people eat it up.

I wonder how networks look at something like this. Is she brave or a loose cannon

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