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Heather Levia fired. Was she on the verge of getting fired last month?

Heather Levia fired
Was Heather Levia already on her way out from McDonald’s anyway?

Since the brouhaha that has erupted with regards to ex McDonald’s worker Heather Levia being fired, the internet has erupted with condemnation for her employer.

Heather Levia, McDonald’s employee fired after paying $83 bill for fire fighters. 

Nevertheless questions are being asked as if perhaps the veteran McDonald’s employee acted in a way that was the straw to break the camel’s back and rather than work with her management team she chose to work in a way that upstaged them.

Granted the 22 year old mother of two acted in good faith and she sought to do the right thing and we ought to commend any employee or individual on such matters, but the question needs to be asked. Had Heather Levia tempted fate when she went outside of her employer’s authority (for better or worse) when she made the call to pick up the local Fireman’s tab? She had been asked not to and anything she did after that was on her own recognizance and she should not have forced management’s hand for a decision that she made.

Then there were these interesting postings on Heather Levia’s Facebook wall page that increasingly show an employee who realized that things were not going too well for her at McDonald’s.

Heather Levia fired
The tensions are becoming evident, things are just not going too well at McDonald’s

And this, below, a few days earlier preceding the Feb 2 post, which is to suggest there were signs that Heather Levia knew her time was up with McDonald’s.

Whose hiring??? Need a new job ASAP

Heather Levia fired 

It is fairly obvious to see things weren’t going too well for the employee, she was either unhappy with her work, underpaid, not feeling vindicated or perhaps had been reprimanded a number of times that Heather Mills could see the writing was on the wall and she would soon be out looking for a new job if she just pushed one more time.

In the end it is an awkward situation for both Heather Levia and her employer, a situation that perhaps ought to have stayed private has now become open season grudge match with the media chiming along.

What do you think? Did Heather Levia go too far? Should she have just obeyed her employers as they asked her to or should we just understand some employers don’t have the time or the patience for initiative and thinking outside of the box and that we ought not take that personally but just forge new opportunities for ourselves.

Heather Levia fired

Heather Levia fired

Heather Levia fired



  1. people complain about their jobs, spouses, kids all the time online. She never mentioned where she works.

  2. so what if she hated her job and was looking for another? she never mentioned McCrapold’s in her posts. People are free to complain – 1st amendment rights. And people are free to look for other employment opportunities. She should be given a medal for staying there for that long!

  3. Are we really making this into an issues. she bought people food. how is that upstaging the management, because McDonalds wouldn’t. She did. and What human being wouldn’t be looking for other employment.

    I doubt a lot of people go into McDonalds as a career choice, it was a way to support her babies. Oh well. Unemployment will now.

  4. Barb, where the hell did you get your information?? or did you just make that up, you have no fucking idea what Firemen or Police face on a daily basis, if you think all fire departments just hang out until they get a call you are DEAD WRONG, Why don’t you go to your local fire department and ask about what they do and how much they make, GET THE FACTS, Go to the Police department and see if you can do a ‘ride along’ then maybe you will find out ‘THE TRUTH’

  5. So when we have a bad day or week we are on the verge of being fired? As far as I can tell she still was showing up for work. Having two young children and getting up for work as early as she probably had to can be rough. Most of us at some point hate getting up for work…it’s work! Maybe her crime is sharing a bit too much on social media. Social media is yet another way for big brother or big business to justify their actions against all of us. I called Mickey D’s customer service 1-800-244-6227 to express my feelings.

  6. Firefighters are the definition of hero. At least do some research so you don’t look so DUH. Jealous much…

  7. Go ahead and write this woman a big check. A few million should just about cover the ignorance of all this. I thought I would never see the day where you get punished for good deeds. McDonald’s is a horrible place anyways. You can’t name one person in the world who hasn’t had there order messed up countless times. You did her a favor by firing her. But but you went about it all wrong. I’d like to say sorry to Heather levia. I feel for you for having to put up with that American hating terrorist and thank you for caring about our fire fighter. Now take bin Laden to court and get your money.

  8. I am so sick of McDonald bulls hit working there you can’t even pay your rent. I have a friend that used to work for McDonald she was treaded like shit. Its full time someone one DO something about it.

  9. Do your research. Reality check – the average wage for Missouri firefighter is between 30 and 42 thousand. MANY firefighters are volunteer. That means no salary and if they miss work to go to a fire their employer has no obligation to pay them (and most don’t). This happened in Olean, NY and the fire department there is VOLUNTEER! I know that NYC firefighters work a heck of a lot more than 10 days a month. My son-in-law is a NYC fireman

  10. “Freakin” Is her words…That is what she claims she said! Of course she isn’t going to say that she said the actual cuss word cause then she would get more people saying she was wrong. She obviously don’t want that cause this whole thing was an attention getter for her! She shouldn’t have had an attitude with her higher ups, I don’t care if it is just McDonalds. It is common sense to respect the one who signs your check or find yourself without a job. But It was nice of her to think about the fire fighters and help with their meal, especially if they were volunteer. But I do know this girl and her sister and I am 100% sure she is very capable of giving attitude and having a potty mouth! Just saying!!

  11. If she was unhappy with her job, then she sounds like 60% of Americans. you don’t fire her for doing something good ya dumba#@. The owner of this MD’s must be a real moron.

  12. “she was either unhappy with her work, underpaid, not feeling vindicated…”

    No shit. She worked at McDonald’s for 8 years.

  13. i live in Olean,Heather did not get fired because the free food and fireman,she got fired for swearing at a regional franchise official,and she was fired on the spot,for insubordination

  14. I did a bit of investigating so I could call and tell them I think Heather should not have been fired. No matter what. She’d been there for 8 years. If they’d had that much trouble with her, she should have been gone a long time ago.

    The franchisee is:
    T. Meyers Enterprises, Inc.
    (716) 665-3434
    6 N Alberta St.
    Falconer, NY 14733

    Tom Meyers’s ext is 229; HR is 222

  15. Let me see if I understand. You think it’s odd that someone working at McDonald’s struggles with motivation to go to work? You’re drawing some sort of a negative judgment about her because she was looking for a better job? I think it’s a little unfair to cast dispersion on someone for being dissatisfied with a dead-end job.

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