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Mamoru Demizu, Japanese man steals $200K to buy cat food.


Mamoru Demizu

Mamoru Demizu has a confession to make. He is an avid cat lover. So much that he will literally steal to keep his kitties happy.

Cops in Japan are telling that they have arrested a man who went on to break into 32 houses,  stealing jewels and money so he could feed his pets’ 25 000 yen $250USD daily gourmet food addiction.

Told cops of Mamoru Demizu who owns a total of 128 cats: “He said he felt happiest when he rubbed his cheek against cats.”

“He would give them fresh fish and chicken, not cheap canned food.”

Cops go on to tell the 48 year old man kept one cat in his home, twenty in a warehouse, and the rest were apparently strays that he kept sitting pretty in an upscale, fresh-chicken-and-fish lifestyle.

Demizu lost his job in 2011, but that didn’t keep him from collecting more cats. He would make his rounds nightly between midnight and four am, delivering the goods with his car.

Isn’t it time you showed your kitties how much you loved them too?

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