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Chinese girl with flower growing in her ear surgically removed.


Chinese girl with flower growing in her ear

A young Chinese girl with a fully grown flower growing in the inside of her ear has gone on to stun doctors.

The discovery came after the 16 month old child’s father took the child to a local Beijing hospital after incestuously crying.

Upon examining the girl, doctors came to find a dandelion flower inside the girl’s ear which had grown short of one inch.

Fortunately for the infant, doctors were able to remove the flower.

At the time, the parents of the girl, called Ranran, told their daughter had been complaining about an ear ache for four months but both had dismissed her.

The child’s parents said that “something like a seed” had fallen into their daughter’s ear around four months ago, but they didn’t think it required attention until the child started scratching her ear insistently.

Told the girl’s mother:  “When she started scratching her ear, I checked and saw something but could not get it out.”

Doctors went on to tell the dandelion had grown into the girl’s ear and had completely filled the canal wall, which could have caused the infant serious damage.

Told Dr Gu Qinglong, the hospital’s chief physician of otolaryngology: ‘Even the slightest bit of pressure put her at risk for internal bleeding so it had to come out.’

According to Shanghai Daily, Dr Gu Qinglong said:The dandelion seed was tenacious and not easy to remove

It took the doctor and his assistants 10 minutes to remove the plant.

The doctor went on to tell that the warm and humid conditions in the ear canal are likely to have encouraged growth.


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    “INCESSANTLY” people…for the love of GOD!!!
    The word is “incessantly”, not “incestuously”!