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Was Ninive Petrocelli drowning death off Hamptons really just an accident?

Ninive Petrocelli
Ninive Petrocelli. Photo via pmc,

Ninive Petrocelli’s millionaire husband relaxed as she drowned.

Authorities have gone on to tell that a wealthy NYC woman and socialite fixture, Ninive Petrocelli has gone on to drown after purportedly falling overboard her millionaire husband’s boat this past Saturday before midnight.

The incident which took place off a mooring at well to do Block Island South, off the Hamptons has sparked dismay at the horrid nature of the woman’s death.

After falling off the boat, the woman’s husband, John Petrocelli, desperately attempted to throw life jackets towards his screaming wife as she desperately treaded water in the darkness.

At the time of the incident, the nypost went on to report that the coast guard went on to search for the missing wife until her body was eventually spotted in a red summer dress floating in the water about five miles south of where she vanished 12 hours after she was reported missing.

Interestingly local homicide detectives have now been called to investigate the incident with some wondering if there may have been foul play. It is understood at the time of the 39 year old’s death, her husband was the only witness. Of note the 54 year old executive went on to say at the time of his socialite wife’s death he did not see her fall off the boat.

That said neighbors have gone on to tell the post that the couple appeared happy and took the boat out almost every weekend during the summer, sometimes leaving as early as Thursday and not returning until Tuesday.

Told a relative: ‘We’re going through this tragedy right now, and I’m not in a place to talk about this right now.’

Police have since gone on to tell Ninive Petrocelli’s body has been taken to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s office, where an autopsy will be conducted.

Reflected one commentator on the web: Why didn’t he protect himself with a life preserver and jump in to find her. Another highly suspicious story.





  1. Tragic accident? Get your head out of your hairy butt. She falls in, and floats away. Are u kiddin? She was in great athletic shape. He shoved her off the boat and probably drove it several yards then stopped. Probably used an oar to keep her away from the boat. Wait til the do the autopsy, this guy toast when they find the bruises and fibers under her skin. Phone records, financial records, and then the ‘other woman’ will come forward. Is this guy related to the Bank of America Exec charged with murder for hire?

    Boat lights are on, moon is out, sky is lit up. So lets see, hubby had the music blaring and could not hear her. NOT.

    45 foot’ boat is really not that big. Allegedly stargazing, and yet he does not hear her fall in until he cant see her and then suddenly hears her screams, and she’s floated out of sight, and then bingo, his life saving plan to save his wife is to throw 10 life jackets into the ocean and see what sticks. Why 10, why not 9, why not 8. Why not 11. What else did he throw in, the cushions on the couch?

    His story is full of big holes. Cops arrest him within 2 weeks. Law & Order could solve this bozo’s crime in a 1 hour episode.

  2. Stop judging! You do not know these people. They were very much in love and this was a tragic accident. It was dark and late at night….he loved her very much and she loved him. Take your gossip and judging somewhere else. This is just a horrible, tragic accident.

  3. Does not jump in to save his lovely wife but throws 10 life vests. Who has 10 life vests on a boat. The time it took to throw all of them, he could have put one on, jumped in and saved her. Guess he didn’t want to get his Polo shirt wet. She’s screaming and splashing, and he throws 10 life vests. “Here, catch one honey.” What a guilty ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ idiot. Couldn’t he come up with a better story.

  4. MURDER she wrote. What, the husband had no flashlight, a spotlight on the boat to shine in her direction? Maybe the husband had some financial deal with her business partner to separate her from her business. If you love a woman, you do not watch her drown and throw out a life preserver. You light up the sky with a flare or something. Its like, I know you are dying but I do not want to get my Armani shirt wet.

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