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Urban Outfitters t shirt is pulled cause it looks like Chicago gang sign

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Vanguard Pitchfork Tee

It seems an image is indeed worth more than a lot of words after all. Point in case Urban Outfitters new t shirt which had to recently be pulled off line after accusations that it resembled an infamous Chicago gang insignia.

The t shirt, the Vanguard Pitchfork tee is said to bear an uncanny resemblance to the motif used by Chicago based Gangster Disciples which began in the 1960’s. Not working in the retailer’s favor though is the fact that the gang is said to be responsible for a large amount of murders in Chicago.

That said what is not known at present is whether Urban Outfitters were aware that the symbol invoked that of the gang or whether it was simply coincidence. Nevertheless calls have been made to have the t shirt dropped because of claims it offends the memory of loved ones murdered.

Of course one is inclined to wonder why an image that may or may not necessarily resemble an image associated with a violent group ought to necessarily be pulled off the web, which is to provoke the debate what is in an image and who really owns an image and why an image after all has to necessarily mean one thing or another.

As of today the website has taken the t shirt off its web site. Efforts by the media to attain a comment has been met with resistance.

The Gangster Disciples
The Gangster Disciples


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