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Bride posts message on facebook complaining about one couple’s $100 cash wedding gift.


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Here is a very nasty wedding gift text that has gone viral.

A woman has been forced to bear the brunt of ridicule after a ‘not so close friend,’ of hers, the bride went on to facebook to post a message complaining about her measly $100 cash wedding gift.

Wrote the bride: ‘I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike’s and I wedding that both you and Phil gave 50$ each? [sic]’

Tanya for her part went on to tell huffpo that in light of her circumstances (she is saddled with $40 000 in college debt) she felt that the $100 she and her boyfriend gave was generous.

Went on to say the bride’s message: ‘In terms of the amount we got from you both was very unexpected as a result we were very much short on paying off the reception [sic].’

The bride goes on to imply that she and her husband had inadvertently over-budgeted their wedding, and were hoping to pay for it with the monetary gifts they received.

‘Just for the cocktail + reception alone the plate per person is 200$ (as per a normal wedding range with open bar is about) [sic],’

‘Mike and I both have already paid for everything else including decor, photography, attire etc and didn’t expect we had to cover that huge amount for reception as well.’

And then there was this clincher too: ‘As I know you both live together and work, so I did not see any reason for that amount, when it comes to your wedding hopefully you’ll know what I mean.’

From there Tanya goes on to tell huffpo how pissed off she was that the bride “had the nerve to make assumptions about my finances, and assume that I or my boyfriend had an extra $400 lying around.’

For the record, Tanya tells that she only works just part-time and that ‘those $100 were hard-earned’, yet the bride ‘didn’t show an ounce of gratitude for what she did receive’.

Wedding planner Sharon Sacks goes on to tell huffpo that the bride’s accusatory Facebook is an example of ‘an inappropriate response to a wedding gift.’

Not that the bride would of course would agree with Sharon.

Tanya goes on to educate us and explain that the cost of a wedding and reception should always be the responsibility of the bride and groom and their families and never the guests.

Agreeing, Tanya offers the following: ‘If she had a minimum gift requirement, she should have specified it. . .or asked everyone for income statements before inviting them.’

The above incident resembles a similar incident that took place in Canada recently which saw one of the brides (it was a same sex marriage) lambaste one of her wedding guests for only offering a basket of goodies, hinting in no uncertain terms that the guest was being ungrateful, underscoring perhaps some wedding couple’s expectations that their wedding day ought to be a cash bonanza rather than a day in which they choose to share the swapping of their wedding nuptials.

And then there was this pithy response courtesy of one reader that had me reaching for the good shit:

My response would be…..
Dear bride

My sincerest apologies for not realising We were responsible for the financial decisions you made when planning your wedding. It was totally insensitive of us and we feel ashamed.

I was so moved by your desperate plea for help I have shared your message with media outlets all over the world in the hope we could raise the funds you so obviously need and richly deserve. I am overjoyed to tell you we have indeed achieved our goal. After hearing of your plight people have responded by donating to your cause and to date we have raised a grand total of …..a brass razoo

We have also decided to ease your financial worries further by not inviting you to our wedding as we can see that your are ill equipped to deal with such social situations both financially and emotionally. 

Please let us know when you divorce however so we can once again take up your cause and raise funds to pay for it. In the meantime could you please register yourself as a charity so those of us who are expected to foot the bill for your poor choices can at least claim some of it crack on tax or do you think we should add you as a dependant? 

Best of luck with everything and thanks for the chuckle

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