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Why I’m dumping you letter from girlfriend goes viral.



There are many reasons why relationships go sour, from cheating, lack of communication, irksome habits that grate on a partner to simply that one partner eventually realizes they can no longer tolerate their partner.

That said one girlfriend spared no shortage of reasons why she chose to dump her boyfriend in a letter whereby she went on to list a variety ‘interesting reasons’ as to why it was time for her to move on.

What reasons you wonder? It seems in one girlfriend’s case there were far too many list. Let’s all read the letter together that made its way on imgur this past Wednesday and see what you think…

Personally I like the line ‘You told me “Put on something sexy, we’re going to Red Lobster.”

Hmm, something tells me it was more than Red Lobster that led to one woman losing heart.

What are some of your memorable reasons for breaking up with a partner?

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