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Oh really, here’s video tape of a Arizona bus driver beating up a passenger.


 Todd Allen Shields

For your viewing pleasure, Arizona has released a video tape of one of its finest, Todd Allen Shields beating the crap out of a passenger during his route cause the passenger had attempted to use a reduced fare card to board the bus. Of course our hero was having none of that shit…

The incident said to have taken place this past Friday at the Montebello and 19th ave stop in Phoenix was sparked when Shields refused to believe that the man attempting to board the bus was young enough to merit access with the reduced fare card. Yes kids, Shields has seen all that gimmickry before and as you can see below he just don’t like it when you try to take the piss out of him. Does anyone?

At the time, witnesses went on to tell a verbal altercation ensued (naturally) before Shields threw the passenger off the bus.

Explained Desirae Madrid who went on to film the action stuff:

‘The bus driver stood up and picked him up to where the kid’s feet was literally off the floor and threw him out and I just remember seeing the kid fly off the other side of the little block that’s there and his feet were literally in the air.”

From there Shields proceeded to beat the crap out of the passenger on the sidewalk, even taking the time to slam his head onto a metal bench. It is said only one man attempted to break up the fight.

Went on to tell Madrid to ABC 15: ‘It makes me angry and sick to my stomach,’

 ‘He is the driver and deals with the public every day. He is supposed to be a professional.’

Hmm, Madrid may have a point there …

For his efforts our hero was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with assault in addition to disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

Todd Allen Shields is an employee of Veolia Transportation, a Phoenix city contractor that runs the bus system.  He has since been put on investigative leave, pending a formal investigation into the incident. Oh dear…



  1. The real story: the 21 year-old “kid” was engaged in a criminal activity and was uncooperative and then aggressive. He was rightfully thrown off the bus as his actions were affecting a bus full of people trying to live their lives without bothering others. He came back at the bus driver who defended himself. You will even notice, in the highly-selective video clip, that the driver had the upper hand and then backed off thinking it was the end. Instead, the “kid” attacked the driver again, was brushed off, and then tried to square up to fight once more. Even from this misleading video which edited out much of the conflict, it it clear the driver was trying to defend himself and end the fight. Defense frequently means beating the aggressor until he can’t or won’t attack again.

    This will all be clearly explained in court with a viewing of the full video and the driver will be found innocent of any wrongdoing. The public, which never got the full story and was subject to edited video with commentary trying to push the narrative that agressive little hoods trying to defraud the taxpayers are victims and bus drivers who just want to do their jobs and get through another day of dealing with the lowest level of the public are some sort of predator, will be shocked at to how the driver could be found not guilty of a crime.

    America has its priorities all mixed up. And that is why we increasingly can’t have nice things.

  2. He got his ass handed to him, punk ass kid was probably running his mouth calling the bus drivers bluff. Don’t mess with the bull if you don’t want the horns punk.

  3. Hey Scalliwag, the driver should have called police immediately. You failed to mention that the passenger also broke the law: stealing, trespassing (he didn’t get off after failing to prove he was young enough for his fare)
    Your sarcasm favoring the young punk warrants a beating, if it were only legal.

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