Home Pop Culture Justin Bieber is still a hero reckons the Anne Frank Museum.

Justin Bieber is still a hero reckons the Anne Frank Museum.

Anne Frank and Justin Bieber.
Anne Frank and Justin Bieber.

Oh really? Justin Bieber claims Anne Frank would have been a ‘Belieber…’

He may have caused world wide scorn and indignation with his off hand comments but the Anne Frank Museum has come surprisingly to defend our collective hero, Justin Bieber after opining and scribing in the museum guestbook:

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Told museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostart to afp: “We think that what’s special is that a 19-year-old comes to the Anne Frank House and spends an hour visiting on a Friday night,”

Goes on to say Mostart interestingly: “He could be doing other things in Amsterdam, he was very interested,”

“That’s more important than the commotion that we’re now seeing. That’s the positive side and we want to leave it at that.”

Leave it at that? That said there has been an avalanche of dissent against Justin Bieber who many feel is abusing his fame and popularity to further his own agenda and blow shrouds of smoke up his own ass, for a lack of better expression.

One has to wonder, one teenager ended up dying for her beliefs and became a worldwide icon where as another one trumpets dizzy innuendos and proclamations and still manages to catch our attention. But the question remains for how long….?

Funny one teenager never dreamed of becoming famous where as another one  still grapples with his fame, as much as we grapple how he became famous in the first place?
If only we could all die for our beliefs….

And then there were these comments that made me wonder as well:

The lesson of Anne Frank is to leave kids alone. She didn’t want to have a famous diary. Anne Frank wanted to kiss a boy and maybe find a little bit of happiness in a world filled with lunatics.

Anne Frank didn’t know what she was getting into by being Jewish. Justin Bieber didn’t know what he was getting into by posting songs on YouTube. They’re kids. They’re not supposed to know.

We’re supposed to know. What I mean by that is we’re supposed to know better. 

At least Justin Bieber spent time at The Anne Frank Museum while he was visiting Amsterdam. With all the lunatic comments, he probably would’ve been better served by spending the afternoon getting high.


He knew his comment would be proliferated. He knew his fans would look into Anne Frank. He also, it seems, is kind-of rebelling against…the public/media in him being so damn ironic instead of sanctimonious as many would have preferred he perform in groveling humility. I think he had to feel uneasy at the museum but couldn’t show it because he’s always being attacked and scrutinized any which way he behaves. I never followed him for he’s two generations behind me but this scrutiny about him is overkill. “Give ’em what they want!” and he did. Can we let the young man grow up and understand he will make mistakes. Geesh! I think that is why he keeps acting out. People are scripting his narrative before he evens lives it.


He’s gonna learn a lot more about the world than he probably would have if he hadn’t become famous. I hope he does something positive and admirable with the opportunities his fame has brought him. It’s always sad to watch teen phenoms crash and burn. Cross your fingers for him.