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Pakistan parents doused daughter in acid honor killing for looking at boy.

Zaheen and Muhammad Zafar
Zaheen and Muhammad Zafar
Zaheen and Muhammad Zafar
Zaheen and Muhammad Zafar

A Pakistani couple have been arrested in the Pakistani controlled region of Kashmir after having administering acid to one of their daughters, 16 year old Anvu Sha who later died as a result of the sever burns she incurred.

It is said that the girl had dared to look at a boy who had arrived by motorcycle to the village despite the child’s father’s repeated requests not to for fear of dishonor amongst other village locals.

It wasn’t until a day after the child had acid poured over her that she was taken to hospital where she soon later died as a consequence of her injuries.

Offers Pakistan’s Daily Times: Doctor Mohammad Jahangir of the state run Kotli hospital confirmed the death, saying the girl was brought to hospital in a “very critical condition” with almost 70 percent burns.

“The parents have confessed, saying that they suspected the girl had illicit relations with a boy,” Local police officer Tahir Ayub said. “We have registered a murder case against the girl’s father and mother.”

Said the father, Muhammad Zafar who along with the girl’s mother who were arrested and charged with murder:

“There was a boy who came by on a motorcycle. She (Anusha) turned to look at him twice. I told her before not to do that, it’s wrong. People talk about us because our older daughter was the same way.”

Describing the aftermath, the child’s mother Zaheen offered the following: “She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way.”

At the time when the parents initially took the daughter to hospital they told medical personnel that the acid wounds were self inflicted but later relented when confronted by authorities.

Reports the UK‘s bbc: Anusha’s father is reported to have taken his daughter inside, beaten her and then acid was poured over her with the help of his wife. Officials say that the couple did not take their daughter to hospital until the following morning.

The couple say that an older daughter had already disgraced the family and they did not want to be dishonoured again.

Police say this is one of the first cases of its kind in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, where such killings are relatively rare.

The incident to date has reiterated the abuse women in the region have incurred and according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there were 943 reported deaths of women as a result of honor killings in 2010. An increase of over 100 deaths as compared to 2010.

Authorities only became aware of the incident pursuant to the family’s eldest daughter bringing it to the attention of authorities.

Then there’s this via digitaljournal as well:

 In fact, honor killing continue to be defended and considered acceptable even by high-level Pakistani officials. In 2008, a senator from Balochistan publicly defended honor killings, by claiming that they represent a “tribal custom.” He was appointed as member of the Cabinet by President Zardari. So was legislator Hazar Khan Bijirani, who had been accused in 2006 of leading a tribal council which had sentenced to hanging five girls as compensation in a dispute. This suggests that the President himself did not consider problematic what one had said and the other had done, but in fact believed that they deserved to be promoted and allowed to gain increasing power within the state. International advocates have argued that the Pakistani government needs to implement more forceful measuresto prosecute honor killings, as the police usually dismissed them as private family matters. Currently, it is often tribesmen and local elders that are given the authority to solve these types of cases.

Ultimately despite the desire to bestow honor in one’s community one is implored to wonder why that should be at the sacrifice of women and furthermore why government and high ranking officials have tacitly approved of this as evidenced by the year after year increase in the killing of women in the region….?

Curious to see what commentators had to say I came across the following responses via reddit and other media outlets: 


Islam logic: Daughter looks at boy, dishonors family. Parents murder daughter, honor restored.


What a lot of people don’t understand is that much of Islamic culture is based strongly on an honor/shame dichotomy. I think it’s sort of similar to how our culture places an emphasis on the freedom/oppression dichotomy. Although when you put such a high value on honor or shame it can lead you down some crazy paths. This is why people got so outraged about the 9/11 trailer, it was bringing shame to Islam. It’s also why parents do things like this; in their eyes it is better to have a dead child than a dishonored one.

Obviously this is insane, if cultural norms lead to throwing acid on people they are bad, but if you look at actions in the context of the culture you can begin to see why they happen.
The Muslim community, Pakistani community, mid east community, fill in the relevant community as desired, needs to stop treating its females as a commodity.

In Egypt up to 90% of women have suffered FGM, In Saudi women are not allowed to do, well just about anything, In Afghanistan families have men turn up with guns in one hand and the Koran in the other if girls are not married by 15. The West may not be perfect but we are at least several centuries in front of these people.


If Islam wishes to have respect it needs to confront these Ideas and change from within. 


Here’s a thought …In a country Pakistan where the most searched keyword on google is ‘Sex” and this girl was killed for looking at a boy ??   

This is not only happening in some remote parts of Pakistan, it is also happening here in Britain, and thanks to muticulturism and the PC bleeding heart liberals, it goes mostly unreported, or is swept under the carpet for fear of upsetting some minorities…Or if anyone speaks out about this barbaric culture, they are branded as racist or bigots…The fact must be faced that some cultures will never fit in with the western way of life………   


What gets me is how these people always just happen to have acid readily available for punishing their wives or children. Do they get acid and c4 as a wedding presents or something?


The attitudes that led to this despicable act can be linked directly to the Qur’an. You should read what the Qur’an says about women and how they should think, act, what they should wear and the prohibitions on how they interact with males. In the extremely rare cases of parents murdering their children in this country the acts are invariably due to mental illness, not the attitudes instilled by an evil religion…   


I’m not at all religious but people saying things like ban Islam really are small minded, most Muslims would not agree with the behaviour of these parents. There are many Christians and Jews that have committed acts of barbarity in the past, maybe these religions should be banned as well? I’m sure many Atheists have also committed awful crimes in the past, maybe the answer is to ban the entire human race? It’s individual people that are the problem, not entire religions   

Our government must condone this vile behaviour, they send millions in aid every year, barbarians. 


If you think about it, religion has been the single most evil source of cruelty, hate, brutality, wars, lives of hell etc in the history of the entire planet.   





  1. “It’s individual people that are the problem, not entire religions”

    “If you think about it, religion has been the single most evil source
    of cruelty, hate, brutality, wars, lives of hell etc in the history of
    the entire planet.”


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