Home Fashion Brazil’s Nana Gouvea is now the world laughing stock post Hurricane Sandy…

Brazil’s Nana Gouvea is now the world laughing stock post Hurricane Sandy…

Nana Gouvêa
All images by Nana Gouvêa. How to make it as a photo modello post Hurricane Sandy...

Brazil’s Nana Gouvêa wants to share with you her latest modeling shoot post Hurricane Sandy.

How to piss off the world whilst becoming an up and coming fashion star or whatever…

If there is one thing that model/actress whatever Nana Gouvêa will always strive to attain it’s her looking appropriately photogenic no matter what the occasion at hand. Which perhaps may explain the photo shoot courtesy of her and her husband who couldn’t resist sharing herself in all her splendor post Hurricane Sandy with all it’s beautiful destroyed back drop.

Reiterates gawker tumblr: The resulting photoshoot quickly went viral, with many questioning the tastefulness of a disasterporn photospread. (Gouvêa also became a meme, as images of her posing were quickly Photoshopped against backdrops of other tragedies.)

Personally I think the shoot came out quite smashing but in keeping to true form Nana could have at least stripped down to her bikini or something to keep us mere mortals properly enthusiazed….

That said the shoot hasn’t gone down too well with a variety of readers lambasting our new hero Nana who feel her latest shoot (with clothes on mind you) was done in poor taste.

Notable reactions include the following below. Personally Nana will always be my hero no matter what disaster she chooses to use as a backdrop in her dizzy ascent as our newest member of preferred hawt bixch.

Wrote one commentator on Nana’s facebook wall: “Just goes to show you, stupid comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and walks of life. In this case, stupid is beautiful.”

Another commenter offered the following : “How could you be so heartless and disrespectful. There are people homeless, no power, sewage leaking into their homes. 

Nana Gouvêa
Nana Gouvêa: 'This look is what I like to call my invincible look. Hurricane's generally don't frighten me the way they frighten most people...'
Nana Gouvêa
Nana Gouvêa: 'I am open to using anything as props. The more beat up and dramatic the better I think...'
Nana Gouvêa
Nana Gouvêa: 'This is what I like to call my nonchalant relaxed pose. Of course the tight clingy top helps accentuate my mood. Notice the debris behind me?'
Nana Gouvêa
Nana Gouvêa: 'Although this pose looks relaxed and at ease, it really betrays the actual complexity required to keep my top silhouette front and foremost...Of course I couldn't resist picking up these ankle boots with the cute side zipper either...'
Nana Gouvêa
Nana Gouvêa: 'I think this was the most complicated pose of the day. It strangely required me to be vulnerable in accordance with nature. What do you think? I know you can't see my ankle boots in this picture, bummer....'
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