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Fabian Kramer wore ‘Saw’ horror film mask as he killed his 82 year old landlady.

Fabian Kramer
The mask Fabian Kramer is said to have worn as in the horror flick 'Saw.'

Stabbing into the diabolical…

A German 19 year old teenager, Fabian Kramer has caused great consternation after it was reported the teen wore a gruesome mask from the horror film, ‘Saw’ when he turned to bludgeon his 82 year old landlady, Hanna Litz to death with a kitchen knife. It is said he stabbed the woman up to 50 times.

At present authorities believe that Kramer’s actions were influenced by the cult horror film ‘Saw’ first made in 2004. The movie which involves two men being chained in an underground bathroom and sawing their way to freedom was first watched by the teen back in March of this year leading him later that evening to viciously take his landlady’s life.

Reflected the teen’s lawyer, Andreas Chlosta: ‘To this day no-one really knows why he did it,’ 

Continues the lawyer: ‘He rang police after the crime to say; ‘Come quickly. Someone is bleeding to death.’

The dailymailreports when police arrived they found Kramer kneeling by the side of his victim pretending he was attempting to save her life, telling them: ‘I am an ambulance man. I am just doing my best to save her.’

Authorities nevertheless later came to the conclusion after examining forensic evidence, and the way he was soaked in blood that he was the perpetrator of his landlady’s death.

Upon searching his apartment, which was adjacent to his landlady’s authorities discovered the horror mask which he wore during the murder covered in his landlady’s blood as well as the knife used.

To date Fabian Kramer denies his involvement in the murder whilst his trial continues underway although one is inclined to wonder if by wearing the mask he allowed himself to adopt an alter ego to carry on his deeds which he must have been contemplating subconsciously but were brought to the fore after viewing the film.

Fabian Kramer, left, is accused of killing his landlady while wearing this mask from the film Saw.
The mask was placed upon a tailor's dummy for lawyers to view before it was moved to the well of the court
Evidence: The mask along with a kitchen knife (pictured) used to end the life of Hanna Litz were found in his flat in the hours following the attack