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Telemarketer threatens to blow up man’s house after hanging up on him.

Telemarketers can be damn pushy...
Telemarketers can be damn pushy...

Telemarketers are to be sure widely despised. Telemarketers of course are not stupid and understand that you despise them. The very nature of their craft means that they are forever encroaching on your privacy, sanity and even financial health (the fear of being sweet talked into a new deal when one can little afford it is quite menacing). That said one confrontation (let’s admit it that’s what all communiques with telemarketers are in one way or another) between one telemarketer and the man he phoned up got a touch out of hand….

It all began when a Colorado man received a phone call informing him that he had just won some money (undoubtedly from Nigeria cause that’s where they love to give things away) to which he responded he wasn’t interested and hung up.

Thinking that was the end of that the telemarketer once again called him back this time telling the Colorado man (in a thick accent apparently as a ploy to think he might be a terrorist) that he had just placed a bomb in his house.

Hanging up again, the Colorado man then called the police informing them of the threat he had just received.

Police arrived and evacuated surrounding houses while they searched the man’s home for signs of explosives, taking them to a nearby fire station and town hall.

Officers scoured the property but found nothing, determining that the call had been a hoax.

To date the telemarketer hasn’t been identified but one thing is for sure, some telemarketers are damn persistent. So maybe it pays to claim to just buy what they are trying to sell you or do what most people do. Get phone caller identification and only answer those numbers you recognize.

Offered investigating Sgt. Tim Schwartz of Weld County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado where the incident took place:

“It’s completely out of the ordinary. I don’t know how to explain it. They’re just pretty pushy I guess.”

Schwartz said it may be next to impossible to track down the telemarketer.

Anyone for being wired a million dollars out of Nigeria once they pay the necessary checking fees to process the wire for a paltry $249?

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  1. This is why i don’t answer anonymous calls anymore. They always turn to be pushy telemarketers on the other line. And it’ not only me. If you’d read the complaints posted at http://www.callercenter.com, about 70% of what’s on there are against telemarketers.

    Maybe it’s about time the authorities get serious in catching these violators and penalizing them.

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