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13 year old girl steals car and goes on thousand mile road trip to be with 12 year old internet boyfriend.

Elizabeth Annette Robinson
Elizabeth Annette Robinson

Parents of 13 year old who ran away to meet 12 year online boyfriend fear that she was lured by sexual predator.

The things we do for love…

A thirteen year old Texas girl did the unthinkable when she stole her mother’s debit  card and her brother’s car and headed out this past Wednesday night for a thousand mile road trip all because she was panging to be with a 12 year old boy she had recently met via an online gaming site.

The girl’s parents only realized that their daughter Elizabeth Annette Robinson was missing the next morning after happening upon a letter claiming that she had run away to a friend’s house because of a bullying problem at school.

But the girl’s mother knew better. Recalling how her daughter had mentioned talking to a boy online and describing him as her boyfriend (see mother’s do know better) she offered the following:

“She started staying in her bedroom more, isolating herself where she was always with the headset, always talking. That’s how they communicated through the Xbox.”

Ahh young love, there was a time we were also helplessly in love for the first time (or at least wanted to be, as is our deserved rite of passage before one turns 15 these days). But like most love stories this one too had an obstacle. Elizabeth’s father who disapproved of her liaison with the ‘gaming boy’ and who later took away her Xbox. Hence the struggle to concoct  plan that would allow Elizabeth a way to get to her deserved love.

Eventually Elizabeth was tracked down by police across state lines in Nashville Tennessee after following a debit card trail (damn if only 13 year olds were sophisticated enough to avoid this problem) that led to her being pulled over hundreds of miles away from her home, Cyprus, Texas.

And how do you think this adventure ended?

When dad finally arrived to pick up Elizabeth, instead of driving her back home he did her the courtesy of driving her the extra few hundred miles to Hodgenville where she got to finally meet her 12 year old ‘boyfriend’ face to face.

If only someone in this world loved you this much that they would risk hell and fury to see you….or to put it another way if only we had the naivety and innocence of a 13 year old to fall madly in love no matter what….

No charges are expected at this time to be filed against Elizabeth.



  1. On a related note, this easily could have been me a couple years back. I always planned to meet my online boyfriend of the time, but I never acted on my urges. Instead, when my dad found out about him, I got banned from talking to him and was left traumatized and self harmed for a bit. Really not a good time in my life. So parents, my advice to you is keep an eye on your kid, but don’t act too drastically and try to talk it out with them before you make any big changes.

  2. “maybe she was too strict with her daughter?…..now she’s going to have to keep a CLOSER eye”…..Wait, what? Dude, taking away the Xbox for a girl who probably is not enjoying her life surrounded by bullies. Omg, when i was through my awkward chubby stage, if my dad took away my xbox, i think i would have been traumatized and hateful. It really makes you feel like you have good friends, even if the outside world constantly hates you. Bullying was the worst for me, so being alone in my room was my sanctuary, they should have tried to understand their daughter….not closed her off…Hell my parents did and i turned out pretty damn okay! =D young, living on my own, going to college, tons of friends,and in a 2 year relationship. I eventually got bored with Xbox once the outside world started to show actual friends through the assholes, i retained the awesome gamer-girl status and skill, but now worked on other areas of my life. The more you deny a child or even a person something…the more they WANT it!

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