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Oh my! Sylvester Stallone’s 90 year old mother drops by at the Expendables premiere. Such nice fat lips too…

Jackie Stallone at 90 years old is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Jackie Stallone at 90 years old is also a preferred hawt bixch. C'est tre bon chic!

Even 90 year old somethings have egos and why should we refuse them when they come barreling down the runway looking like the hawt mess du jour that they crave to be. Case in point, Jackie Stallone, Sylvester Stallone‘s mother who at the age of 90 can still wack some shine, lipo, and any other shit that’s necessary to help that lip pout of hers be forward protruding as possible.

Dressed in an impeccable black frilly dress (yes moma Sylvester will teach you about class) Jackie was all the rage as she cocked her very crooked grin for the cameras (when you hav clout the world is always yours for the taking.)

Adds the dailymail, who have in this instance nailed Jackie’s disposition to the t:

Apparently her quest not to grow old gracefully has continued in earnest – and she appears to have had a fresh bout of collagen injections.
Three-times-married Jackie, whose maiden name is Labofish, was dressed in an outfit you wouldn’t catch your average 90-year-old grandmother in: it consisted of a short black skirt and plunging blouse, strung together by jewelled strips.
Plunging blouse? Well that’s just Jackie’s way of reminding you she’s still got the good shit if you don’t mind taking a peek.

She completed her look with platform heels – adding some height to her diminutive stature – and wore green contact lenses, heavy eye make-up, including thick painted-on brows.

Including thick painted on brows? Oh my who would have thought that Jackie really knew which way the world ticked in the first place? Never mind, if Sly can dress and behave like a peacock, guess who else can dress and behave like a demented peacock too?

Jackie leaves very little to the imagination, But why bother in the first place?
Any guesses where Sylvester got his acting chops sorry from?


  1. wow would love to have a mother as hot as her ,but i think you need to look in the morror and see that your lips are bigger than your body, you are beautiful not your lips.
    bout time you smelt the roses. not paint lips.

  2. i think besides the lips and could cover up a bit she looks great for 90 , don t we all wish and hope and pray we would

  3. Hi Jackie Stallon Im so sorry for the lost of your Grandson Sage but it was great working for you in the past with your Bandenas, I was one of your Model with big lips like you , hey nothing wrong about how you want to look, I wish I look like you at 90 keep it up we met at the old days when I was Modeling at Golden Stae Hotel and many department stores, Im looking for some of those pictures, were posters maybe we get together some day again say hi toyour sons and my lovely boy that passed away he resting in peace love [email protected]

  4. she probably goes to warner bros special effects dept to have her makeup put on daily…3 hr transformation job

  5. the horror, the horror….fck me!….talk about having to undergo trauma therapy upon waking up to THAT in the middle of the night….a great case for a divorce case to go your way as ‘pain and suffering’….freak show….some people don’t know when to cut their losses and grow old gracefully, despite having limitless funds.(or i should say with her having unlimited funds to sly’s bank acct).

  6. Those lips have got to go! They are just too much! I thought ‘surgery’ was meant to look as if you DIDN’T have it! Not like you OVER-did it! And at 90 I’m surprised she can still rock those heels & not use a cane! And what’s with the scar on her neck under her necklace?

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