Home Scandal and Gossip Meet the world’s chillest potential assassination victim.

Meet the world’s chillest potential assassination victim.

George Cascone is too chill for the likes of you and me.
George Cascone is too chill for the likes of you and me.

Listening to George Cascone describe an encounter where he was nearly assassinated one can’t help but understand, as perversely as it might seem why he was the potential target of an assassination attempt on his life. The man breathes cooler than thou, his whole demeanor reeking of ‘yeah, so I might be a bad ass so why not take your chances.’

Fortunately for Cascone, who works as a used car salesman who readily admits there are a lot of people who just might have it in for him the plan to take his life courtesy of your ex wife was stymied by a hitman turned informant.

In fact just watching George coolly describing how his ex should have properly gone about taking him out (dude is actually insulted that his ex only wanted to pay the hit man $2000 and not the correct gangster rate of $10 000) makes one think that alone would have been enough for his ex to go after him. The dude was just too cool for her and that really must have pissed her off.

And then here’s this bit of background round up on what prompted the hawt mess to begin with:

villagevoiceGeorge married Dorothy when she was a blonde bombshell and he had kind of a Donnie Brasco thing going on. But a lot changes in 30 years. They divorced, she took out four life insurance policies on him, and then paid a discount hitman to whack her ex for $2,000.

Dorothy Cascone doesn't look very happy.

Personally I think George should run for President or become a CIA hitman himself, he’d be so good at it and best of all he wouldn’t drop a bead of sweat as he knocked on your door and took you out. Not that George would ever do that of course.

See the video and just watch for yourself, you’ll never be afraid of potential assassinations on your life ever again if you just learn to be as cool as George.