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Alexa Chung will play Alexa Chung on Gossip Girl.

Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung

Bi Atlantic fashionista, Alexa Chung is set to play herself in an upcoming cameo on Gossip Girl here in NYC. With shooting commencing this past Thursday, paparazzi were quick to click their cameras into overdrive as the part time dj, vj, model shrugs off rumors she’s still too thin.

But if that was still a concern, graziadailyuk had this to say:

Refinery 29 reported that she’d been running about in a turquoise sailor dress with a red bow tie and patent kitten heels wearing red lipstick and scruffy updo. It’s a lot more colour than Alexa normally wears but it was uber cutesy and chic. 

In true Brit style, it was raining on Alexa’s first filming day. She also skipped a GG style chai-green-tea-super-food-smoothie-shot for a classy breakfast of Cheetos and orange soda. 

Not bad when an it girl can be immortalized on an it show about imaginary it people….

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Concerns as fans wonder if Alexa Chung is going through bouts of anorexia?