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Video: Rival ice cream vendors Mr Yummy and Mr Whippy caught in altercation.

Ice cream truck.
Ice cream truck.

Mr Yummy and Mr Whippy hate each other’s guts. ‘Would you like some spinkles with your ice cream luv?’

Two ice cream vendors of the town Blackburn have been ensconced in a bitter feud for territory. That said their bid to outsell ice cream to the community came to a head this weekend when a local managed to capture the following gem below.

In the video we see one of the vendors, Zehher Ramzan(Mr Yummy) tapping (ok smashing, but he claims he only meant to tap) on the window of rival ice cream vendor Mohammed Mulla (Mr Whippy). For his part ‘Mr Whippy’ (who makes these names up?) feeling threatened (or just seeking revenge?) then sets about ramming his truck into that of Mr Happy Yummy.

lancashiretelegraph.co.uk: Ahmed Chaka, 16, of Palatine Road, Blackburn, said: “My little sister came out to grab an ice cream and that’s when it all just kicked off.

“One of the ice cream men was saying come and buy it from me, ‘I’ll sell it cheaper’. That’s when the trouble started.

“They were swearing and everything. My little sister was upset. To be honest it all seemed very silly.”

Well it might be silly to all you lot, but to Mr Yummy and Mr Whippy this is serious business. Nothing would make them happier than to see the town of Blackburn get off their fish n chips diet and onto ice cream breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Surely they would be willing to oblige with extra chocolate dipping and the occasional free sprinkle?

“One was offering four, two scoop cones with a flake for £2 and the other said he would do them all for 10p cheaper.

“I couldn’t believe it when Mr Yummy jumped out of his van and smashed Mr Whippy’s window, you just don’t expect that around here.

“The language they were using was very poor, especially as their chimes were going off and children were watching. If my children were still young I would definitely think twice about letting them go to the ice cream man alone now.”

For his part Mr Whippy has come forward to claim that he felt his home grown business was being forced out of town by the stealth tactics of by his rival who happens to work for a local based company.

“Over the last few months, this Mr Yummy, has been following me around, chiming outside the allotted times and muscling in on my patch.

“I don’t sell powdered ice cream. We sell nothing but diary ice cream.

“I have complained to the council and the police. Hopefully now people will listen.”

But Mr Yummy (yes- it’s ludicrous isn’t it?) sees it otherwise:

He said: “I come all the way from Halifax just to make a living. I have tried to be reasonable and come up with a compromise but Mr Whippy is having none of it.

“This has been going on for months. Wherever I go in Blackburn he follows me. Surely the town is big enough for us both.

“On Saturday, I just felt threatened and at the end of my tether. I didn’t mean to smash his window I just tapped it too hard.”

At present the local council has now issued an investigation into the vendor’s licenses and may choose to issue a suspension, a revoking of or a refusal to renew said licenses.

If only people could find the wherewith all to eat more ice cream then Mr Yummy and Mr Whippy wouldn’t see the need to undersell or beat the crap out of each other. Or would they?