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Man faces 14 years jail after spending $70 000 erroneously put in his bank account.

Joseph Bucci
Joseph Bucci

Joseph Bucci wanted a taste of the good life even if he knew he risked getting serious jail time if he ever caught.

How many of us out there would turn around and tell the bank we bank with that they have erroneously put more money in our bank account than we know there to be the case. Not an extra 70 cents, 70 dollars but an extra $70 000 out of thin air? Of course the irony of the situation is this is how monetary policy actually works in the first place as the federal reserve (a privately held financial institute that acts as a lender to the government at an interest rate that we can never ever pay back) invent money out of thin air before lending it to other financial entities and of course the public at large.

Nevertheless as a private citizen cashing in on the magic trick of pretend money made out of thin air is hardly one that ever works too successfully. Case in point, Joseph Bucci a Pennsylvanian local who now faces a possible 14 year jail sentence after recently spending almost $70 000 that was accidentally  deposited in his bank account.

dailymail.co.uk: ….instead of telling the bank there had been a mistake he did what, no doubt, many would be tempted to do: He spent it.

Unemployed Bucci bought himself a used Pontiac, a golden retriever and a trip to Orlando with the money.

He also splashed out on food, furniture and clothes – as well as paying off bills for his family members, it was reported.

Ahh the good life. Who can resist it?If we can watch it ad nauseum on tv and be told it’s ours for the taking why not simply just take advantage of things when they suddenly land on our lap?

But of course not everyone sees eye to eye with Joseph Bucci’s behavior:

Andrew Aninsman, a Bensalem police sergeant, told CBS News: ‘I guess he thought he was in elementary school and found a quarter on the ground and said “Finders keepers, losers weepers”.’

Bucci told CBS News: ‘There was a sense of wow… just look at it for a while. I knew it was going to catch up to me. I just didn’t know it was going to be this bad.’

What’s the old adage? If it is too good to be true, that’s because it usually is, except when you happen to be a power house entity who can get away with such amazing shit….



  1. “Good, Wells Fargo is right up there with Bank of America…..the devils advocate. They’ve ripped the American people off and ruined so many lives, they’re the thieves .How does it feel! Huh huh huh!”

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