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George Zimmerman trial: Released on $150 000 bail but no idea where he will hide out….

George Zimmerman to the left being escorted Sunday midnight by an unidentified man.
George Zimmerman to the left being escorted Sunday midnight by an unidentified man.

The George Zimmerman trial has now turned a new chapter this morning as the defendant, George Zimmerman, was released Sunday midnight on $150 000 bail as he now awaits a trial date for his involvement in the death of Trayvon Martin to go forward.

The defendant looked visibly worse for wear and had in the space of 60 odd days since the death of Trayvon Martin, the teenager he is accused of murdering in the second degree, seemed to have lost a considerate amount of weight as well appearing much older than his 28 years of age, one suspects from the anxiety of his situation. If found guilty Zimmerman could see himself facing a possible life sentence.

Walking out of the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, Florida, no indications were given as to where Zimmerman would be heading and it has  been speculated that he may even take residence outside of the state of Florida given the level of hostility directed towards him locally and the number of death threats made against his life. At the same time Mr Zimmerman was forced to give up his passport ensuring that he wont be able to travel outside of the country.

In order to make bail, Zimmerman had to put up 10%, or $15 000 with his father now indicating that he may have to take out a second mortgage to shore up finances. He was also ordered not to carry firearms and to obey a strict curfew where he must remain indoors from 7pm to 6am.

Surprisingly George Zimmerman was met with no protesters as was feared upon his release early this morning, with locals arguing that all they wanted was an arrest in the first place and that for whatever happened on the eve of February 26th to be sorted out in the courtroom.

At present it is unlikely that Mr Zimmerman will choose to return to the gated community of Sanford where he lived and volunteered as a watchman, with most locals there satisfied for the time being that Mr Zimmerman has now been brought to custody despite the six week interim where he had remained free despite the wide condemnation of residents and outspoken minority groups who suspected that more was at stake than Mr Zimmerman simply defending himself from grievous bodily harm as he claimed at the time.

What is interesting to note is although the tensions have subdued in the present and Zimmerman was released without any commotion a lot hangs in the balance as to how the trial is eventually carried out and one hopes that Mr Zimmerman gets a fair trail as this ironically has more now to say about the efficacy of the legal system than whether Mr Zimmerman actually sought to willfully kill Trayvon Martin. A sensational trial fraught with demonization and victimization may in the short term help the community get the conviction it seeks but it could also paradoxically see itself at its mercy given the history of the legal system to work against minors, something authorities were almost cognizant of when they decided they had no choice but to bring Zimmerman to trial….

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