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Couple smoked and injected meth and heroin with babysitter before dumping her body.

Alexis Rasmussen
Alexis Rasmussen

Court reports reveal that one Salt Lake City couple had been having on going drug sittings with their 16 year old babysitter, Alexis Rasmussen, and then there was the sex groupie parties too….before they all eventually took it too far.

Dea Milliberg, the wife of the chief defendant in the death of Alexis Rasmaussen,  has been given immunity by the court from any involvement in the girl’s death in exchange for her testifying against her husband, Eric Milliberg. That said the court will hold her liable for the disposal of her Alexis Rasmussen’s body whilst her husband, whom she has filed for divorce against will bear the full brunt of charges of child abuse homicide, unlawful sex with a minor, the disposal of the body and obstruction of justice.

The fracas first began when the couple first hired Alexis Rasmussen as a babysitter for their daughters in the spring of 2011 where upon the couple became friends with their baby sitter, started drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before migrating to harder drugs like meth and heroin. It wasn’t long though that the couple rather than paying the babysitter in cash had begun paying her in meth, even having gone as far as to how to smoke it out of a light bulb.

On the night of the Alexis Rasmussen’s death, the girl and her Eric Milliberg according to Dea Milliberg proceeded to inject heroin and meth before performing oral sex on each other, a sexual encounter that Dea Milliberg insists she was not involved with.

But then the drugs had a negative effect on Alexis Rasmussen, causing her to ask for blankets and if she could take a warm bath. Left alone the couple only later returned to find that their baby sitter had stopped breathing and had attempted to resuscitate her to no avail. From the couple each with other pressing court engagements rather than risk the suspicion of the law decided to dress the naked girl, and put her body in a foot locker before moving it in the trunk of their car.

Eric and Dea Milliberg

From there the couple drove a secluded location where Alexis Rasmussen’s body was dumped before it was later found by authorities after one of Eric Milliberg’s fellow Aryan gang members tipped them off.

With the body of Alexis Rasmussen having fully decomposed, authorities are prone to believe Dea Milliberg’s side of the story. That said one is inclined to wonder how the couple arrived at a moment where they engaged the child to participate in their hard wired game of sexual dysfunction to the detriment of the young girl and if on some level the high of having access to this girl and inducing her to engage them on their level was what facilitated the complete disregard of the girl’s safety and her being unwittingly used as a sex object by the couple…

Said the prosecutor: “As a society, we recognize children can be vulnerable … and we expect the adults in their lives to guide them,” Weber County Attorney Dee Smith said. “In this case we have exactly the opposite.”

Something one wonders that Eric Milliberg will have a lifetime to consider over and over once he finally arrives in jail.


Alexis Rasmussen

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