Home Scandal and Gossip Mom injected her teenage daughters with heroin before school.

Mom injected her teenage daughters with heroin before school.

Shantel Parker
Shantel Parker. Mother knows best...

Making sure the kids were in a good mood….

Courtesy of the this shit is too fxcked up too believe category (and you thought your life was too unbelievable, blah!) comes the tale of Shantel Parker, a mother who is in the habit of being wacked out of her brains all day long. Not only is she wacked out of her brains all day long, she would like to make sure her 14 and 16 year old daughters were also wacked out of their brains all day long too. But the good times didn’t stop there kids, cause mom would also sell the good shit to the kids at school as well. Appalled? Don’t be. Just remember to share the good times all the way round says me? Right?

According to facebook postings, Shantel Parker’s daughters kept their exploits of heroin use and talk about sex (anyone heard the adage sex drugs and rock n roll?) in the open thus one assumes the eventual alerting of authorities.

The good times originally began when the children started complaining about tooth aches and that’s when mom came up with the brilliant plan of dulling their pain with the good shit (she’s studied nursing between 2008-10 before dropping out, can anyone guess why she dropped out?). From there it became a daily exercise to administer the kids with the usual kicker of heroin before seeing them off to school (I know some kids get the best parents…). Eventually it became par for the course to see the daughters boarding the school bus totally off their heads. Of course the good news spread to other children at school who by now were keen to get their own version of inject yourself out of pain package too. Really who likes having to deal with pain? Not you right?

Like most highs came the eventual downside of having to deal with some uncomfortable realities¬†(yes I know it’s a drag kids, we all wish we could be high and mighty 24/7 without the consequences…but taking more good shit should help you prolong all the nasty shit you are trying to avoid until the only option is begging for your money back routine).

In the end mom was brought to the attention of authorities who booked her and sent her off to jail on account of corrupting minors, endangering children and felonious assault. Now that’s what I call a major downer.¬†At present the children I hope are undergoing counseling and are in the care of Hocking County Children Services, Ohio.

Moms, isn’t it time you and the kids got totally wacked before the school day starts too? Unless of course you already are…?