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Agent Provocateur hires scantily clad models to model from their store front window.


Here’s a new concept gents to get you to shell out some dollars for your sweetheart this Valentines day. Gawk and sweat at the sight of two vixen like models cavort before your very eye at the Agent Provocateur flagship store in NYC in nothing but of course London’s Agent Provocateur lingerie. This of course was the sight that greeted passer bys this weekend.

Modeling the high end lingerie wear were Greer and Sabrina of modeling agency Fenton Moon, who left little to the imagination as they did everything but exchange passionate kisses with each other as passer bys were left stymied.

Astutely notes the dailymail:

With slogans like: ‘Give and you shall receive,’ ‘I’ll show you my knickers if you buy them for me,’ and ‘This Valentine’s Day lie back and think of the knickers,’ the Soho, London, firm is playing on the age-old concept that women will repay their Valentine’s Day gifts with sexual favors for their partner.

Sexual favors for a fine pair of knickers? What happened to a stiff drink and a modicum of wit and banter?

Gents be sure to pass by Agent Provocateur whilst you can, you just might end up having a few surprises waiting for you later that evening….

The company's panties cost about $120, their bras average $200. Agent Provocateur markets its lingerie to an upscale crowd.

Lads, isn't it time you had a pleasant surprise waiting for you when you get home from work this week?
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