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It’s time to meet Victoria Secret’s hot newbie model, former pro basketball player Elsa Hosk.


It’s rare that you come across individuals who have more than one avenue of excellence to pursue, but not so with the case of Swedish born Elsa Hosk who’d been grappling between her love for basketball and that of modeling.

Having decided not to pursue full time modeling until school graduation, the statuesque green eyed blonde (yes I’m drooling too kids) opted to pursue her love for basketball, which saw her bag a career as a professional basket ball player back in Sweden. Until that is Elsa got itchy feet 2 years later and wanted to start traveling the world.

Asked how she got in top shape for the recent televised Victoria Secret’s show Elsa offered the following:

fashionista“Butt lifts and butt lifts and millions of butt lifts,” she said.

Indeed. Who could resist doing a few butt lifts with Elsa?

But life isn’t necessarily so easy for our Elsa:

But even Hosk, who looks flawless sans makeup and standing right next to me, has her insecurities. “Of course I do!” she said. “I think my biggest thing is my butt. I have to constantly train my ass. That’s the main thing I work on.” 

Alas the terrible burden of being a Victoria’s Secret model…

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