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If only you could afford to buy this dream Penthouse. Or can you?


Kids, have a long lusty look at the above image, cause the truth is most of you will never get your hands on this type of reality (this author included but if there is a caveat at least I am often exposed to such delicacies- “Yes, young man, you’re our houseguest for the interim, but don’t get too used to it….”alas).

loftenberg: This penthouse is built of steel and glass, on top of two buildings. This is probably the most remarkable architect designed home to come to the market in recent years.

And how much does this gem cost you wonder?

It is now available for purchase for the first time, get it while it’s hot! (7,85 million British pounds and it can be yours).

Well that settles doesn’t it?

From the roof space of two neighbouring buildings, the challenge for Richard Hywel Evans architects was to create one spectacular living space to be connected by a glass footbridge. Having accomplished this, the next stage was to create a bright, airy and versatile living space on two levels suitable for a family with the most modern, high-tech and functional demands. The final challenge was to install a glass elevator to give direct access into the apartment on two levels. Completed four years ago, the elevated location of the building enables unrivalled views of Holland Park and West London.

Isn’t it time you became filthy rich or just a lovable aesthete who’s patrons insist on putting you up in such gems (never mind that the sun probably wakes you up at 4am in the summer and the exhibitionist element of you gallivanting for all to see…)? The sky is the limit…

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