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Extra Marital Affairs website: Women can’t be loved if they’re overweight.



the scantily clad plus-size model is juxtaposed with another woman, a slender model boasting smoother hair, tanner skin and, oh yeah — a body half the size.

The ad tagline: “We call it as we see it.”

Which has this author wondering if Ashley Madison are shamelessly plugging for as much media attention as possible without the slightest thought or care to the fallacies that they are spreading or simply a case of  attempting to come off as a contentious savvy player of human truths (yes people do cheat) which inadvertingly has them coming off crass commentators in the dialectics of women’s issues?

But perhaps the best response to the drama at hand can is best captured by one jezebel commentator who assumes the identity of Ashley Madison’s founder, Noel Biderman.

Hi, I’m Ashley Madison founder and CEO, Noel Biderman. 

I’m holding my finger to my lips like this to remind you not to tell anybody that yes, in fact I DO look exactly like that creepy guy who incessantly hit on you while you were waiting for your flight to Phoenix. That’s because I *am* that guy. I’ve just found a new way to be aggressively icky. 

I know if you were to “call it like you see it” I’d be relegated to the back of nearly any line of potential suitors. That’s why the ads I run are designed to make you feel worse about yourself. That way, I can feel better about, well…this. 

And maybe that’s the ultimate truth, sometimes its better to perpetrate smear campaigns and objectify women as unworthy of our love because deep down some men are unworthy of even loving themselves…

Such are the affairs of outlets who like to bully and deceive the wider collective for a quick buck and a bucketful of self deception. Sorry Noel, but me thinks every woman is worthy of being loved, irrespective of the way she looks not because of the way she looks. But I’m sure your (girlfriend) wife has already told you that, or your ex (girlfriend) wife excuse me…




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