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Woman murders pregnant woman and cuts out her unborn child from her womb pretending it was hers all along.


All she wanted was another baby of her own…

33 year old Annette Morales-Rodriguez has been arrested in connection to the murder of a pregnant woman and the abduction of her foetus.

According to authorities, police responded to an emergency call where it is said a woman had claimed that ‘she’ had given birth to a baby boy that had somehow died during birth. Which on some perverse level could be said to be exactly what had happened, except for the part that the baby originated from another woman’s womb.

Suspicious, authorities conducted a full autopsy of the deceased and a medical examination of the woman herself before returning the next day to discover the mutilated body of the murdered mother.

Counters Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn:

‘Evidence at the scene indicated that she had been fatally injured there, and that the baby had been removed from her womb by force.’

Police have gone on to say that no evidence exists that the women knew each other prior to the murder which raises speculation as to whether the murder and abduction of the foetus was a spontaneous event or perhaps a planned vigil by the murderer who may have been keeping tabs on the pregnant woman before deciding to murder her, or quite possibly a series of pregnant contenders.

What makes the case particularly odd is how according to neighbors Rodriguez, who has three children of her own, ranging in age from 5 to 14 had posed for months as she herself was pregnant and had even gone as far as producing a sonogram of the baby.

According to one neighbor Keila Perez, she had been told by Rodriguez that she had been expecting to deliver the baby by Caesarean section in coming months but had instead been called by the murderer on the day of the murder to say that she had gone into contractions.

One can only wonder how Rodriguez planned to carry off the illegitimate appearance of her pregnancy and why she chose the particular woman she murdered. Answers to which authorities in coming days will seek to resolve.

Such it seems are the fantastical hoaxes mind games that certain individuals play with calculated diabolical consequences…





    A victim of a later term forced saline termination of her child via a ‘needle’ is absolutely no different than what this woman did. I know because I am a victim of such abuse and then (and now) an illegal procedure. It was outlawed a year before I was forced to endure the horrific experience of ‘labor’ and the birth of my dead infant just for the sake of my parents ‘name’s’ or ‘images’ or as years went by it became more aware to me it was that ‘I’ was the hockey puck between to immature people who have HUGE SELF ESTEEM ISSUES; my mother with her Gorbichf’s birthmark under her eye that was ‘non operable’ in those days and my ‘uncircumcised’ per my mother’s disgusting ongoing need to express to me my biological father’s anatomy despite the fact that my Shaken Baby Syndrome injuries included out of the ordinary injuries which included ‘lesions’ of the mouth which were not only then (3/1960) but also after my having contacted the Madison University Hospital to review my archived records for the fist time just after I turned 49 yrs of age. The overseeing pediatrician ‘again’ covered up the ‘truth’ in the not only the recognized triad of injuries of Shaken Baby Syndrome but most importantly the additional injuries that screamed out abuse.

    There will hopefully be a turning point in this Country by my opening up to the World about what I’ve been put through in this Country despite the fact that I grew up in a predominately upper class American family. Money is not a standard by which to judge who or what child is abused or sexually abused. It is something that we all must search out souls deeply and if we even have the slightest inclining if a child is being abused we have a sacred duty to try to do something about it.

    As we as a Country pull in our belts financially in this Country we maybe should take some time to reflect upon out personal values; how we raise our children who will leave behind our legacy carry on with the values we’ve instilled upon them, how we treat our elderly who we’ve learned our values from, and probably most importantly who we view who we are as a Country of such diversity.

    Hopefully someday someone will understand that ‘late term abortions’ either via saline or D&X (a procedure that sickens me too much to go into and describe) and prosecuting those resposible for having put any woman through such a horrific traumatic inhumane disgusting disgrace to not only God but to this very Country will understand that what this woman who had her infant cut out of her womb is no different other of course than that she is dead.

    Why does it seem that the media and the justice system ‘only’ seems to care when the person ‘didn’t’ survive. Like Jonbenet Ramsey and Kasey Anthony’s baby Kaley. Why can’t these types of murders be cut off prior to their having happened and MOST IMPORTANTLY why can’t justice be served in these cases? I know why. One only has to read over my medical records from back in the 1960’s as one of this Nation’s first SBS(Shaken Baby Syndrome) survivors and the entire family dynamics including not just only the killing of my child (saline induced at my being >6 mon’s pg) but also the murdering of the father of my son nine years later by the very same perp that caused the SBS injuries (broken jaw & misdiagnosed ‘lesions’ of the mouth which were bogusly misdiagnosed as ‘malignant tumors’. Sickening!!!), my biological father.

    Life is short. We all know this. I do of ALL PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. I have lived much since my child murdered and the father of my con was murdered by my immediate family (biological parents). I have met many, many, nice families therefore I know that my situation is out of the ordinary. It ‘is not’ the norm of the US but this does not lessen my anger for what’s been done to me or if there is any child out there who has suffered such as I in life.

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