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Man blows his head out in front of co workers after being fired.


Getting the pink slip is never good news even for the best of us, but one man, Patrick Joseph Graves apparently was so distraught after his employer Goodrich Corp, a fortune 500 company that specializes in supplying parts for the Aerospace and Defense industry fired him this past Thursday that he locked himself in his car and shot himself in the head.

Having worked as a welder for Goodrich for the last 3 years, the 51 year old who leaves behind 3 children and a girlfriend apparently scored poorly in a worker evaluation test which led to his dismissal. So distraught was he by his dismissal, it is said that Mr Graves returned later that morning after being let go, parked his car in full view of the employee’s entrance and then shot himself in the head. It has yet to be determined whether any of the employees attempted to talk Mr Graves out of his suicide or if it was even readily apparent what he had in mind when he did pull the trigger in full view of his ex fellow employees.

At this juncture one could speculate, perhaps off the back of reports that Mr Graves (the name itself is almost a perfect oxymoron in more ways than one…) suffered from depression that he aimed to punish and shock fellow employees, or the company itself upon learning of his dismissal. That or make a martyr of himself.

Responded a company representative:

“He was good at what he did. He really tried to do everything that was required of him at the job. But he did have limitations.”

The moral of the lesson? Sometimes your limitations act to serve to deny your advancement, but telling that to a man may from time to time lead to some heartfelt consequences. But such it seems are the rigors of an impersonal employer/employee relationship where it is ultimately business as usual. After the blood stains are removed of course…




  1. Worthless trash story and you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such. I hope the family sues you senseless.

  2. This was not his car! This should be a lesson in don’t believe what you read or see. You could’ve printed the story without including a picture, but you chose to create a hoax for the sake of sensationalism. Not only should you remove the picture immediately, but you owe the family an apology.

  3. Scallywagandvagabond: You’ve done a great job of living up to your name you, Scallywag, you! I agree with fenderbassman…your article is MOST DISTASTEFUL!!!

  4. I want this article removed asap. You will be talking to my lawyers very soon about this bullshit article. If you think its funny to make fun of who was my future father in laws last name, I can’t wait to see how funny you think it is when I wipe your little bank account clean. You are a piece of shit to be making fun of a tragic incident as such. Fuck you and fuck your boss for letting you print this shit. Also that picture is a very inappropriate one for this article. If you want some insight on how to cover a story like this read the one in the star tribune. It was tastefully done and talked no shit about anybody. For now, fuck off prick.

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