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Bill Clinton and Al Gore got style and then some…


The photo that is shocking the world today.

So how short were Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s shorts during this one running session circa 1991-2?

Kids, let’s admit it, nothing makes us run for the hills faster than the ghastly sight of our political leader’s vulnerable parts. Of course if these two were celebrities or part of a rock band or some creative outlet we’d be fine with it (in fact it’s become a rite of passage for celebrities these days to come out with sex tapes and whatever else exposes their vulnerable parts all part of the cashing in of hard-earned media whore dollars) but then again there is something very touchy about gawking at people who are supposed to be our moral compasses (so I have been told anyway) and leaders in domestic and world affairs.

So is it the media just getting a little ahead of itself or should we really be offended that Bill Clinton (love those popsicle white tree trunk thighs) and Al Gore ( is that an erection?) once had the audacity to dress the way (love the ill-fitting trucker hats and copious sweat…and what’s up with that bullshit propaganda shirt Al is wearing?) they did one long election year?

Personally I think these two make a fine pair of hawt bixches, but then again doesn’t Russia’s President Putin spend the weekend running around in Speedo’s and do interviews bare backed?

Oh well, when men where men and shorts were short…

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