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2 Pregnant women slash two other women at hospital, all whom were there to see one man recovering from a gun shot wound.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

The Jerry Springer show turned up yesterday at Crozer-Chester Medical Center Tuesday afternoon, and what a fight it was…

It probably doesn’t get any stranger than this, but we’ll try:

Two unnamed pregnant women, one 22, the other 21 were visiting a male patient at the Crozer-Chester hospital who it is said was there courtesy of a gun shot wound he had sustained at an earlier date.

Who was also in the room at the same time were two other women, a 36 year old woman and her 15 year old teenage daughter. At some point an altercation erupted, or as some have speculated perhaps a demand wasn’t being satisfied (which may explain the wound that the patient was recovering from) which resulted in one of the pregnant women taking out a sharp object (what type of sharp object has yet to have  been disclosed) and using it against the two other women.

All of which raises a series of questions, were the women in the room the reason or the consequence of why the man in the room was recovering from a gunshot  wound? How was it that all these 4 women found themselves coincidentally visiting the patient and why were these 4 women visiting the patient?

I’m going to take a hunch here, but me thinks somebody’s being cheating and me thinks one of them pregnant women is thinking that the patient is the father of her unborn child, unfortunately for the patient, both pregnant women are thinking that he is the father of their unborn child. And as for the woman and her daughter being roughed up, that the patient’s mother and sister. Just a hunch, but it’ll be interesting to see what the police have to say and whether this episode will be making it to the new and improved Jerry Springer show of dysfuntional family episodes…?