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Pig born with human head; locals fear alien apocalypse


Anyone in the mood for crunchy fried bacon?

Every age has its host of harbingers of doom or rapture.  If it’s not Spaghetti Jesus or some outbreak of this-or-that –flu or -pox, then it’s something akin to what has been born in Santa Cru El Chol, Guatemala, slouching toward to Bethlehem: a black piglet with a mutant head.

Locals of the village, who the Austrian Times refer to as “peasants”, blame aliens for bringing forth such a freakish creature: evidently farmers witnessed strange lights in the sky at the time of birth.  Health officials, on the other hand, ever the kill-joys, point to environmental pollution or genetic mutation.

It is the anniversary of 9/11, an apt time for such auguries to make the news.  The time is ripe for paranoid conclusions that an attack is on the horizon, extra-terrestrial or otherwise.  We can distance ourselves from these silly ‘peasants,’ but maybe their hysteria is not so different than our own.

Hold on to your butts; it’s the end of the world as we know it.

Have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself….who knows maybe this little piglet is just a human trapped in a human’s body? Or maybe not…

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  • sandy

    should put it down! its unnatural an abomination ! freaks!!!

  • Lauren

    they should name it “Muhammad”

  • sephirah

    I dont know why everyone says it looks like a human it looks more like a chimp…but maybe we’re just that pc nowadays…and “peasants” would be an accurate word, even if it does sound imperialistic in todays societal norms of simple syllable word vocabularies.