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Custo Barcelona: Hawt, slinky and too sexy- as always.

Photography by Keith Lew. Custo Barcelona S/S 2012

Last night Custo Dalmau gave the audience attending the Custo Barcelona S/S 2012 show exactly what they had come for; panache, zany,flimsy, verve, zesty and sex appeal oozing down and around your backside literally.

As has become customary, Dalmau had his geisha dolls slinking fast down the runway in a consortium of geometric, raspeberry’s, limes and anything that pulled you out of your chair to get a closer look.

With a range of svelte blazers, chiffon tops and shiny cheekbones boys who look like girls and strutted the planks this is what Dalmau doing what he knows best- whetting your appetite and wishing you were just as gorgeous as his models and his line that you know you ought to hurry up to live out your days as a slinky disco bunny by some velvet rope promenade.

Highlights: Andre Pejic as a hawt geisha gal bixch, gold velour blazers, his and her high heels (naturally) and fishnet tank tops cause showing off those sinewy muscles is a must. The upshot-never for the feint of heart, and only for the wild at heart. Put on your 3-D shades and dance the night away disco bixch. Kudos to Dalmau for another great line.

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