Home Fashion Candela Spring/Summer 2012: The delicate struggle between structure and self-expression

Candela Spring/Summer 2012: The delicate struggle between structure and self-expression


Three pieces caught my eye: a casual daytime look, a daytime dress and an evening gown. The first daytime look consists of a washed denim chambray shirt with hand-beaded trim, elephant paisley print silk satin shorts, classic distressed tan calf leather pumps with a fuschia fish skin heel. The shorts are the focal point of the outfit, giving the look a fun, hipster-meets-hippie chic feel while the chambray shirt and leather pumps add a classic element to the outfit, making it the perfect look to wear from Soho to the UES.

I was extremely impressed with the tangerine daytime dress. The cotton and modal fabric blend perfectly conforms with every curve of the model’s body. The macramé back adds a flirty feel to the dress, while the taupe fish thong sandals give off an air of casual luxury.

With its royal blue tones and gold lace detail, the silk chiffon evening gown stirs thoughts of decadently dreamy sleepless summer nights. It is a classic piece, one that can be worn to any event and would look stellar on any woman.

From across the room, I spot Gabriela Perezutti, the designer. She wears a deep blue chiffon button-down from her collection. I approach and ask about the inspiration for the line. Despite the background noise, bustle and constant shuttering of photographer’s lenses, she gives me her full, undivided attention. Gabriela Perezutti speaks with poise, eloquence and passion. As she speaks, I am enamored by her inner beauty.

“I’m from South America… you go through a lot of hardship in life, but I believe you must always look to find something joyful.  This is manifested in my art, music and clothing. No matter how hard it seems, you must always look to find inner joy.”

It is clear that creating spectacular lines of clothing gives Gabriela Perezutti great inner joy. That joy certainly translates to a spectacular line, one with depth, a message and cutting-edge execution.