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Wildly offensive map of DC offends the Internet


Apparently, an image depicting a map of Washington, D.C. split up into stereotypes has ‘gone viral’, inciting visceral reactions all over the Internet.  MyFoxDC.com introduces the story as such: Do you stereotype? Most people like to say they don’t do it, but is that really true? A new map created by the blog site socialstudiesdc.com is putting stereotypes right out there for everyone to see.

Heavy stuff: incendiary topics like this are what won Crash the Oscar that year!  The map divvies up the “Gays” from the “Drunk Catholic Girls,” the “Fanny Packs and Segways” from the “People Who Watch C-Span,” and of course the huge slice of “White People.”  Now people want to know: is this some sort of sick joke or a representation of reality?!

Here’s a thought: maybe the artist is making a comment on segregation?  How provocative! How clever!  Obligated to respond, LivingSocial, affiliated with socialstudiesdc.com, conceded thatstereotypes are bad and the DC Stereotype Map was designed to illustrate some of the more common, pervasive and hurtful stereotypes in our community.”

Thankfully, the diplomacy of bureaucracy (you can go ahead and quote me on that phrase; it’s part of my up-and-coming brand) has squashed this controversy with such adroit eloquence so no one could mistake the map-maker’s meaning (and there’s some much-needed alliteration for this tabloid blog).  After all, not everyone knows stereotypes are bad; I’m sure that those living in the “Murals and Strip Malls” district need some help figuring out that one.

Map Shows DC is Filled With Many Stereotypes: MyFoxDC.com


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