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Teen vampire breaks into woman’s house in his boxers before proceeding to feast on her.


Lord Lyle Bensley is convinced he has been a vampire for the last 500 years….

Seems like 19 year old Lyle has had quite the adventurous weekend. It all began when he forced entry into one woman’s apartment whom he didn’t know, solely in his boxer shorts (yes it’s summer lest we forget) before proceeding to the woman’s bedroom.

From there he began to make growling and hissing sounds (doesn’t every vampire before they turn to sink their teeth into their pray?) while biting and hitting an as of yet unidentified woman in her bed.

From there he began to drag her out of her apartment and onto the street (presumably to take her back to his lair, duh) before she broke free.

As the woman in distress began to drive away, Lord Bensley (I’m going with Lord Bensley in keeping with the vampire motif) began pounding upon her car before she was eventually able to get away. Phew!

When finally arrested, Lord Bensley insisted that they restrain him because he was afraid he might have to kill them as he was feeling very hungry.

To date Lord Bensley has had a mental health hold placed on him as well a $40 000 bond.

Shouldn’t you make a special effort this upcoming weekend into parlaying into your favorite action hero too?


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