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Shocking new pictures of Steve Jobs since his departure released. But are they fake?


Steve Jobs. Dead at 56. Once returned coke bottles for 5 cents now leaves behind a legacy.

Nothing says more than tragedy than watching a man who has helped revolutionize the way the world deals with electronics and computers than the recent physical demise than that of Steve Jobs.

Jobs, the founder and until last week the CEO of Apple, one of the most successful companies to have ever launched was recently pictured outside his home looking nothing near the healthy self he had been since he was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 8 years ago.

Upon resigning as CEO, Jobs made no reference to his health, instead outlaying that he was leaving because he felt he could no longer perform his duties at the highest standards he would like. At the time, rumors started to flood the media that Job’s health was quickly deteriorating, with Apple’s share price taking a subsequent battering.

Yet with the release over the weekend of Jobs in a long black garb looking frail and exceptionally gangly the web has been hounded with contention that the image was photoshopped.

techeye: …the picture had more Photoshop technology on it than the cover of Vogue. The snap was low res to cover up the Photoshop goodness. There is evidence of warping and areas cut out.

Whether the photo snap is fake or not perhaps doesn’t really matter anymore given the fact that Apple is now synonymous in the cultural lexicon with being a pioneer and sufficiently entrenched in the marketplace.

What one does have to wonder is if a company can remain buoyant and completely ingrained in the public consciousness without the man who helped create it, but more importantly what are we to now wonder about a man who on many levels controls the world but can barely control his internal machinations?

Perhaps though the following thought might hold sustenance- ” Even great companies have shelf lives, but then there are certain men who will always have immortality, never mind disparaging images of certain men who in their own mind must be beyond their physical state and well on the way to a type of demi god status reserved for the very few in this world.”



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