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Woman thrown off US Airways flight for taking photos of rude air hostesses’ name tag.


Branded a security risk because she dared to take pictures of an air stewardess who had been rude to fellow passengers.

Sandy DeWitt like many of her boarding fellow passengers on a US Airways flight leaving Philadelphia bound for Miami this past Friday wasn’t exactly too thrilled with one particular air steward. Judging her to be rude and hostile she decided that she would report her to management, but in order to remember her name she decided it would be a good idea if she took a photograph of her name tag: Tonialla G. That of course is when things then took a turn for the worse.

Upon taking her seat on the plane, Sandy DeWitt suddenly found herself being confronted by, yes, you guessed it- Tonialla G. At the time she was ordered to delete the photo. Sandy DeWitt finally acquiesced, but Tonialla G wasn’t quite finished with Sandy DeWitt.

Thinking the affair to be over, Tonialla G then went up to the cockpit, told the captain that she thought Sandy DeWitt was a flight risk and then had two flight attendants escort her off the plane.

Upon being removed from the flight, Sandy DeWitt was advised by the US Airways manager, Todd Lehmacher at the airport that she was deemed a security risk and would not be able to board her flight until the following morning.

Which raises the ultimate question, why has flying become so difficult lately and could one argue there a hint of coercive play on behalf of the airlines and the TSA? Just dogma or misplaced aggression or just a total contempt for the American flyer?


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  • David

    I can assure you that there is much more to this story than Ms. DeWitt is admitting. Throwing a passenger off a plane involves much more than someone just having a bad day and involves various administrative departments coming to agreement. It does not just involve the captain and a flight attendant or agent. Ms. DeWitt is having some nice publicity at the expense of the truth of her actions which if publicized would assuredly turn public opinion the other way round.