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Why Gay Men don’t get fat- explained.



healthy or looking good, it has to do with that deep-seated fear that one day you will wake up and it will be just like high school all over again, with people hating you or picking on you for being different.

As a straight man I can only say, who in their right mind would subject themselves to this mental anguish? I’m prone to doubt one becomes gay only to be rejected over and over across ones lifetime. But if one is gay, why not just revel in ones sexuality and identity? Why? – because unlike women- men are too competitive for their own good.

Anyway, I’m game to read the book even if I’m not gay, because at the end of the day- even if I’m not a quasi French woman, even as a straight man I understand that there are a lot of other straight men competing for the women I desire. But at least a woman will overlook a straight man’s lack of muscles assuming he has money, spirit or other redeeming some artistic sensibilities. But for now, it seems gay men will forever relinquish sensitivity and the occasional bbq rib in favor of 1000 sit ups- but then again, who doesn’t mind making love to a hot adonis or Megan Fox look alike? It’s what fantasies are made of…



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