Home Scandal and Gossip Manhattan socialite arrested for stealing $11 500 scarf.

Manhattan socialite arrested for stealing $11 500 scarf.


Unlike the world of celebrities and their vast handlers it’s one thing to perpetrate a crime and be quickly received once again in the action flick world, but in the tony world of socialites- being found out or known to have a criminal reputation does not bode well. After all the whole arena of being a socialite is to lay claim that one is above the average common person and by extension the liabilities and infractions that go with having to slog for a living. A socialite by very definition must always be removed from such arenas and forever be perceived living the good life. Even if the truth in certain whispered quarters it’s  known all to just be  a front…

All of which raises the question why did Ms Boman feel compelled to steal the scarf? After all she is a designer and certainly she could have made one herself,or at the very least buy one. Or perhaps she couldn’t. But in the world of Manhattan socialites it seems appearances are very very important even to the point of lying and finagling your way round the pony trail. Something this author can personally attest is as common as a glass of champagne and a happy trigger photographer in the background…

Anyway let’s see what Ms Boman comes up for her next collection, assuming there is one…



  1. She obviously is too hot to steal. I buy her scarf anytime. I show foo man choo to you too. She I want to lovey looooonngggg time… I think she innocent and if she not innocent she so hot she should be let go free anyway because only ugly people go to jail.

    bye bye

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