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David Lynch to US Veterans: the Gift of Transcendental Meditation.


As a culture, as a society, as a civilization, most of us in 2011 are longing for change. Why would that be? Perhaps the way we navigate through life, as a whole, is not entirely satisfactory to us? Perhaps what drives us to reach, for example, for political power, financial gain, cultural dominance, material possessions, constant stimulation through mindless entertainment, social violence, overmedication and the comfortable numbness afforded by drugs and alcohol is the intimate recognition that we, as individuals, indeed suffer?

In a world where depression has become the fastest-spreading of all epidemics, where suicide has become the third leading-cause of death in the youngest members of our society, can we really afford to turn a blind eye to a technique that bears no cost or side effects, that necessitates only the training of our mind by our own self and at our own rhythm, within a fraction of the time it takes to have a meal, follow the steps of personal hygiene or watch the evening news?

Because it sounds funny? Or unfamiliar? Or, Goodness forbid, weird? Now, we wouldn’t want that. David Lynch, on the other hand…

Never mind, I guess, you’re busy enough as it checking your facebook account, right?

To learn more about TM, the work of the David Lynch Foundation or to support a program such as Operation Warrior Wellness, visit: http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/

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