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Billionaire tears down $43.5 Million Hampton house because it didn’t have enough ocean views.

and prior to it being torn down.

The house as it used to appear.

How many ocean views are you getting from your window?

What do you do if you’re not able to get a view of the ocean from every room in your house? If you’re a billionaire hedge fund manager like David Teppler you simply topple your sprawling 6,165 square feet estate and start again.

But just in case you think Mr Teppler has created a carnal sin- there is a plus side (isn’t there always when you tear down a $43 million house?) – It gets to be bigger. That way no matter where Mr Teppler is in the universe he will always have a view of the ocean.

As it appears now.

And what should you do if you want a view of the ocean? Take the local subway to Coney Island.

Don’t you wish you were a billionaire too?


and prior to it being torn down.

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  • Priss

    Helping the economy? Really? A temporary boost is not something that will fix things. And he’s still going to expect it to be done ridiculously lower than the going rate. But since he’s spending a big ol’ fat chunk of cash, that’s just kosher, right?

    People in this world really are shallow and simple minded… no wonder they get screwed so readily.

  • John L

    I look at it this way. He’s helping the economy. People were hired to tear the place down. People were hired to design a new home. People were hired to build the new home. He spent money on materials to build the home so suppliers had a sale. The landscapers will have a nice new project. He will likely hire artists to paint murals and supply paintings for the home as the art industry is hardest hit in this down economy. He will buy furniture; fabrics, window treatments, bedding, plumbing and so on.

    My opinion, he’s helping the economy and if the town approved this and we know the town guardians are very very particular and would never approve any behemouth or atrocity. I’m sure the new “replacement” will be glorious both in design and scale and tastefully executed.

    We need more “Mr. Teplers” out there to help stimulate our economy. Our government is trying but with more private money out on the economic streets the better it will be for us all and the faster there will be a turnaround.

    Good health and good wishes to Mr. Tepler for he is doing his fair share. No need to criticize but to laud him for his hard work and his success.

    Artists such as myself and my colleagues agree that the likes of Mr. Tepler are what allows us to express ourselves and provide beauty to those who both appreciate and can afford to hire us.

    John L